March, 2015

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Gully Bop defies all the odds! (Video)


  A look at his first stage show in the United Kingdom Five months ago he emerged unto the dancehall scene as a lyricist and since then he has accomplished what many entertainers spend their entire careers trying to do. Gully Bop captured audiences all over the globe. His fan base included men, women, boys and girls. In the history of dancehall only a few entertainers have been able to gain fans in all generations. He was branded the name DaddyRead More …

Baby Cham Represents Calabar Live Onstage.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 11.41.10 PM

Baby Cham stooped by Onstage TV and spoke about his career, and why he didn’t take the route most dancehall acts do. Check out the video below. ——Views (470)

Mavado Accuses Popular New York Restaurant of Verbally Abusing Him Because He Is Black


Reggae Artist Mavado Philippe Chow Only Likes Black in Bean Sauce Reggae Artist Mavado claims he was treated like a bum and even verbally abused at a fancy Asian restaurant … simply because he’s black. Sources close to Mavado tell TMZ … he hit up Philippe Chow in NYC for lunch Thursday with his family, when he was curiously put in the back of the restaurant, even though it was pretty much empty. Mavado didn’t complain and the family got down to business, chowingRead More …

Vybz Kartel’s Conviction Might Be Over-turned Due To Judicial Error


Did Vybz Kartel Get A Fair Trial? Is this the break Vybz Kartel has been hoping for? It has recently been disclosed that at least three members of the jury that convicted dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel had close relations with law enforcement agencies. It has been reported that two members of the jury worked for the Jamaica Defense Force and another was the wife of a high ranking police officer that worked at the courthouse during the trial. One ofRead More …

Chi Ching Ching previews new video and new dance watchi wyah Onstage

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Known for his unique slangs and dances Chi Ching Ching passed through Onstage and introduced a new dance called watchi wyah. he also discussed the making of his song with Beenie Man. ——Views (300)

A Touching Story…Doctors Said Beenie Man & Carlene’s Daughter Wouldn’t Live Past 3 years Now She Is Sixteen

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The Doctor Beenie Man said he’s grateful that he is celebrating his daughter with Dancehall Queen Carlene sixteenth Birthday. He said she was born pre-maturely and had to be in an incubator for nine months. The doctor’s said she would not pass three years old, but she defied all the odds. Sixteen year old Crystal’s lungs has developed over time and she is now swimming and participating in other activities. Watch video below: ——Views (28819)

Dominica & Jamaica Looks To Resolve Issue Regarding Deportation Of Artist Tommy Lee Sparta & Manager Heavy D

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On Monday, the Dominica government confirmed that talks were being held in February with its Jamaican counterparts on a pact regarding the deportation of dancehall artiste, Tommy Lee Sparta.Upon arriving to Dominica to perform at a show, Lee, who’s real birth name is Leroy Russell and three others, Tiasha Oralie Russell, Junior Fraser, and Mario Christopher Wallace, were deported back to Jamaica a day later. Speaking on the state-owned DBS radio, attorney general Levi Peter refused to confirm or denyRead More …

Woman beheads 3 month old daughter. Should she be charged with murder or treated for postpartum depression

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Is this a case of cold blooded murder or is she suffering from postpartum depression? Mother, 20, who ‘beheaded her three-month-old daughter’ leaves hospital for first court appearance Deasia Watkins, 20, appeared before a judge in Hamilton County, Ohio on Friday morning and her bond was set at $500,000 She ‘stabbed and beheaded her daughter Janiyah at her aunt’s home in College Hill on Monday before going to bed’ Janiyah had been placed in the aunt’s custody after Watkins wasRead More …

Colorado teaching Jamaica about pot? Kingston’s Mayor visit United States to learn weed best practices.


DENVER – You might think marijuana has been legal in Jamaica for many years. It’s certainly known for it. But Jamaica just legalized pot this January, which is why the mayor of Kingston is visiting Denver to learn Colorado’s best practices and how Jamaica can learn from us. Mayor Angela Brown Burke started her day on Friday by meeting with state and city officials. She learned about how the marijuana industry is tightly regulated and some of the challenges DenverRead More …

Kreecha and Best friend Aji Fight at Whappins Thursday in Bling Dawg Feud One Person Stabbed

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 8.07.14 AM

At about 4:00 AM this morning Kreecha the creator of the Kreech  dance and his best friend Aji  got into a fight that created a stampede at Whappins Thursday. According to reports one person was stabbed. According to sources the two stopped speaking to each other because there was a falling out between Kreecha and Bling Dawg. Ahi continued to work with Bling Dawg and Kreecha didn’t like that too much.  One witness stated that the fight started when Aji pointedRead More …