March, 2015

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Is Queen Africa and Taurus Riley Dating?

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Has reggae power couple Tony Rebel & Queen Africa called it Quits? This morning Queen Africa posted a picture to Facebook with the following quote: yes tarrus riley and i are togather something aguh roun. loves contagious! !!! Post by Queen Ifrica. The post got fans speculating as to whether or not this is just a strategy Queen Ifrica is using to promote the work she is doing with Taurus Riley. Over the years we’ve grown to love Queen AfricaRead More …

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin Sings New Song Together Professing Their Love Amid Internet Rumors


No one including myself knew that out of this rags to riches story a true love story would emerge.   Most of us who love dancehall music has been following the  Gully Bop and Shauna Chin story. In the beginning a lot of us could not understand what was happening and immediately passed judgement. Gully Bop’s feel good story was something that touched a lot of people’s heart. What happened next was a  shock for many but understood by a few.Read More …

Etana Rises


Reggae Princess, Etana has out-shined other reggae artists by surprise. She means ”Hard work and Hardship”. She has made the Number Two(2) on the Reggae Itunes Charts this week. The powerful and strong song which is the talk of the town has made a major impact on the public. The name of this song is called ” Better Tomorrow” which is a re-release  of one of her singles from the album Better Tomorrow. This song was chosen as the themeRead More …

The Bop Reigns Supreme in London


If there are any doubts out there as to whether or not Gully Bop can do this, that doubt should have been wiped away after last nights performance to a sold out crowd in London. Gully Bop’s story keeps on getting better. He is proving to the world that he is more than capable of sustaining a career in the music industry and his fans are showing him that they are here to support him on his journey.   Look atRead More …

Usain Bolt Wins 400 Meter Race


In a preview of what we may see at the 2016 olympic Usain Bolt won the 400 Meter race at GC Foster college in Jamaica on Saturday.   Double sprint record holder Usain Bolt made a surprise appearance in the men’s Clubs and Institution 400-metre event at the GC Foster Classic currently under way at the National Stadium. Bolt running out of lane four in heat one, was comfortable along the back straight and came of the curve ahead ofRead More …

Alkaline Gets Bottled in West Palm Beach


Alkaline ends show abruptly after being bottled. Alkaline’s concert on Friday night in West Palm Beach was cut short after someone from the crowd threw a Ciroc bottle on stage at the controversialDancehall artist. His performance only lasted about 13 minutes. We are not sure what cause the bottle to be thrown, but Alkaline decided that he was not going to perform under such circumstances and left the stage.   Check out the video below ——Views (5430)

Gully Bop Responds To War Professa and Mash Up His First UK Stop


Over the past few days there has been a lot of back and fort between War Professa and Shauna Chin, Gully Bop’s Fiance’/Manager .  War Professa pointed out that the outfit that Gully Bop wore when he left the island to go on tour was not a real brand. In his opinion war professor stated that Gully Bop is now a star and making money, so he should be wearing expensive clothes. On the contrary Gully Bop believes that itRead More …

Lieutenant Stitchie – Still The Dancehall Governor (Live Performance)

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Lt. Stitchie had 14 number one hits when he left the dancehall scene to serve the Lord. Lieutenant Stitchie wears many hats: school teacher, singer, songwriter, producer and an ordained minister. Even though he has chosen to travel a path of God he spends a lot of his time doing music, gospel dancehall music to be exact. He stopped by Onstage TV recently to speak about his career, accomplishments, and lifestyle. See the full interview, plus a live performance below.Read More …

Ishawna – Life is Good After Foota Hype (Live Performance)

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Ishawna had a lot of ups and downs in 2014. The Downsounds recording artist stopped by Onstage TV to let her fans know that she has overcome all the negative things that occurred in her life. She stated that even though her personal life was turned upside down it had a positive impact on her career. She said a lot of fans were able to sympathize and identify with her situation and supported her through her struggles. Ishawna and fellowRead More …

Busy Signal Talks Career and Previews New Music OnStage

Busy Signal

Busy Signal stopped by Onstage and spoke about his career, all the ventures he’s taking on and where he sees his career going. Check out the full interview below. ——Views (408)