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Raine Seville Reps For Female Dancers

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Follow us on Raine Seville reps for female dancers by Curtis Campbell April 22, 2016 File Raine Seville Reggae/dancehall artiste Raine Seville has collaborated with popular dancers Chinn Unique, Swat Twinz, Stacey Xpression, Mad Michelle and Japanese Kiss Kiss for the visuals of her latest single, ‘Touch’. Touch is featured on the Bruk It Off rhythm, and according to Raine, the single is an ode to female dancers. “It’s another ladies anthem endorsing all sexy women and female dancers,” SevilleRead More …

Junior X “The Man Called Junior X” New Dancehall Reggae Song September 2015

art the man called junior x4

Listen Junior X “The Man Called Junior X” on Artist: Junior X (Twitter @IAmJuniorX) Title: “The Man Called Junior X” Riddim: Boiling Essence Riddim Producer: New Day Music Group (Twitter @NEWDAYMG) Date of Release : soon More about Junior X : official website ——Views (43)

Beat Up

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Zap dem ——Views (73)

The Full Has Never Been Told…A Tribute To Buju Banton On His Birthday

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Whenever the greats of Reggae or Dancehall is spoken of, one person always makes the list. That person is Buju Banton. One cannot deny the positive impact Buju Banton has had on our culture and our music. Here is an exclusive look at the triumphs and woes of Buju Banton. Buju Banton (born Mark Anthony Myrie 15 July 1973)[1] is a Jamaican dancehall, ragga, and reggae musician. Banton has recorded pop and dance songs, as well as songs dealing with sociopolitical topics. He released early dancehall singles in 1991, butRead More …

Nick Gordon Assembles a High-Profile Legal Team as Bobbi Kristina Brown Remains in Hospice Care


Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, is facing his share of legal woes – and has assembled a high-powered team to help advise him. On Tuesday, Gordon hired Jose Baez, the attorney who won an acquittal for Casey Anthony in her 2011 murder trial. Since then, Baez has had a string of high-profile clients, including “King of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian, as well as Gary Giordano, who was cleared in the disappearance of his girlfriend in Aruba. Baez joins attorneys Joe Habachy and Randy Kessler, who haveRead More …

Oregon Is Celebrating Marijuana Legalization With Free Weed

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Not only are people free to smoke weed—the weed is free. As of July 1, new Oregon lawsgo into effect making it legal for adults ages 21 and up to possess and use recreational marijuana. It’s legal to grow marijuana in the state—up to four plants per residence, out of public view—and share it with other of-age adults too. Applications for large-scale growers and retailers aren’t being accepted until early 2016, and no Oregon stores are expected to have marijuana forRead More …

Gully Bop Gets US Visa

Gully Bop

Rags to Riches star Robert Lee Malcolm aka Gully Bop,  took another big step in his career today by securing a United States visa. Gully Bop went to the embassy this morning at 6:45 AM and walked out at 8:40 AM with the good news. The process was delayed last week due to a glitch in the embassy computer system. The US leg of the Rags to Riches tour  is scheduled to start in New York on July 17th, 2015 atRead More …

Bobby Shmurda Offered 8-Year Plea Deal

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Being walked out in handcuffs, Bobby Shmurda appeared emotionless entering the Manhattan Supreme Criminal Court in New York City on Thursday. With a plethora of family, friends and GS9 affiliates all in attendance, the “Hot N***a” rapper moved swiftly to the stand awaiting the hearing’s word while his lawyer Kenneth Montgomery stood tall and seemingly confident beside him. Prosecutors announced that they were offering him a plea deal of eight years in prison for second-degree possession of a weapon followed by five years of probation. As theRead More …

Jamaicans Arrested In Sting To Roundup Criminal Aliens In The US

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ICE arrests 60 convicted criminal aliens in Georgia during weeklong surge ATLANTA, Ga. – During a five-day targeted enforcement surge in Georgia, officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) arrested 60 convicted criminal aliens. The arrests, made from June 14 through June 18, were made in metropolitan Atlanta, in the Augusta area and in northwest Georgia. Of the 60 taken into custody by ERO, 17 met the agency’s highest priority level due to felonyRead More …

Beenie Man Denies Visa Issues, Addresses Nudity in Dancehall, Jynx & Sean Paul’s Issue With Bolt

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Recently there was a viral video, that showed Beenie Man stopping a well-known actor/entertainer Bad Boy Trevor from having females strip in the dance. There has been wide support for Beenie Man on the internet especially from women.The Doctor sat down with Winford Williams and explained why he had to take a stand, he said that this is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. In this interview Beenie Man also addressed rumors that he no longer has aRead More …