Dominica & Jamaica Looks To Resolve Issue Regarding Deportation Of Artist Tommy Lee Sparta & Manager Heavy D

On Monday, the Dominica government confirmed that talks were being held in February with its Jamaican counterparts on a pact regarding the deportation of dancehall artiste, Tommy Lee Sparta.Upon arriving to Dominica to perform at a show, Lee, who’s real birth name is Leroy Russell and three others, Tiasha Oralie Russell, Junior Fraser, and Mario Christopher Wallace, were deported back to Jamaica a day later.

Speaking on the state-owned DBS radio, attorney general Levi Peter refused to confirm or deny that a settlement was being discussed, noting that “there has been communication between the Attorney General’s Chamber, Dominica and the Attorney General’s Chamber in Jamaica regarding the matter.”

“The communications between the two have been without a prejudice basis and no doubt there will be further discussions and communication on the matter.” Mr. Peter said. “I can confirm there has been communication between the two offices.”

He later added that “if settlement is possible and appropriate then that will be the course we will follow, but for the time being I think it is in everybody’s interest if I limit discussions in respect of those matters.”

Earlier this month, Jamaica’s Deputy Solicitor General and Director – International Affairs Division, Dr. Kathy-Ann Brown had indicated the Roseau was seeking a friendly resolution to the issue.

“We have received a formal indication from the Hon Attorney General of Dominica of his Government’s desire to pursue an amicable settlement of the dispute utilising the good offices of the Hon Attorney General of Jamaica with your concurrence. We are, therefore, seeking an indication of your willingness to pursue an amicable resolution and, if you are agreeable thereto, the provision of further details of your clients’ claims,” she said in a letter to Russell’s attorney, Bert Samuels.

“We would propose that should you favour an amicable settlement, once we have had an opportunity to review any additional materials which you may submit for our consideration, that we schedule a meeting to address our clients’ concerns,” the letter added.

In February of last year, police had detained the singer and two other members of his posse when they arrived on a private jet to perform in Portsmouth. Raising claims that the artiste glorifies Satan during his performance, the Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches (DAEC) had been calling for a boycott of the concert featuring Sparta.

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