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Popcaan “El Chapo”


Nearly a month after the release of the video, it is currently at 3.3 mil views and counting. while daily increasing in popularity the hit single “El Chapo” has made quite an appearance on the dancehall scene.   ——Views (9)

Lisa Hanna makes BOLD new statement in response to threats from Gaza fans


Former Model and MP Lisa Hanna has been under attack from the fans of Dancehall Artist Vybz Kartel in recent days, for statements she made about banning his music from public radio. She has been getting support worldwide from fans who agrees with her that more needs to be done to protect our value system, and culture.   According to a popular Radio personality  in Jamaica who wishes not to be identified, “Ninety percent of the Dancehall music Industry/Artist andRead More …

Raine Seville shows off a more agressive style


Dancehall artist Raine Seville have been making noise in the music industry. She released a track called Hype which has been getting great reviews from dancehall fans worldwide. Because of the positive feedback she flipped the song to fit a dub style, and named the track Badness. “Badness is a more aggressive side of Raine “This one is the armor piercing bullet in the dub box” Raine jokingly said. Known for her hit single mad dem, and recently signed toRead More …

The Full Has Never Been Told…A Tribute To Buju Banton On His Birthday

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 2.21.29 PM

Whenever the greats of Reggae or Dancehall is spoken of, one person always makes the list. That person is Buju Banton. One cannot deny the positive impact Buju Banton has had on our culture and our music. Here is an exclusive look at the triumphs and woes of Buju Banton. Buju Banton (born Mark Anthony Myrie 15 July 1973)[1] is a Jamaican dancehall, ragga, and reggae musician. Banton has recorded pop and dance songs, as well as songs dealing with sociopolitical topics. He released early dancehall singles in 1991, butRead More …

A Softer Side Of The Bop (Video)

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 6.29.59 AM

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to look within ourselves, identify who we are, where we’re coming from, and what molds us into the person we’ve become. For dancehall’s  newest sensation Gully Bop, that’s visiting his Mamma in King Weston,  West Rural St. Andrew. Meet Dorist Archer aka Aunt Gally . Most of us that grew up in the Caribbean knows someone like her that we can relate to. A woman that always does everything… with a super woman persona,Read More …

Gully Bop’s Son Speaks Out About Ms. Chin, His Dad and Claims Record


Gold digger, opportunist, career killer and groupie are some of the words being used on social media to describe Shauna Chin, the woman behind Dancehall and social media’s newest sensation Gully Bop. A lot of people including myself are very passionate about Gully Bop. We feel like we built him, and we are ready to defend him from whoever we think can impede his progress. Unfortunately in the eyes of many the enemy is Shauna Chin. In my case, I thoughtRead More …



I grew up in Portland Jamaica where fishing and farming was the way of life for many people. Mr Jones owned the banana walk from St Thomas to Portland. My Grandfather was a fisherman who would regularly be out at sea for days.  My grandmother did embroidery and seaming. Where did all  the farmers, and fisherman go? Where is the conventional way of life? Is this a deliberate take over of foreign influences to modernize a country? The problem with that ideaRead More …



Dear Gully Bop, Aka Daddy Vybz Aka Kartel Daddy Aka Country Man, A merry Christmas to you Sir! I would like to congratulate you on your recent success.  You are a very talented entertainer and I am happy you are finally getting the recognition you deserve. However, I am a bit frustrated because it seems to me that you have overlooked a few things along the way. I would like to tell you that (your story) is very powerful. Most ofRead More …

Ninja Man is furious about Gully Bop calling him out…sends a message to Laing [video]

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Ninja Man recently sat down with Winfred Williams Onstage. He expressed his disgust with the fact that he is not getting the recognition for his extensive tenure in the dancehall business. He says Laing and the entire Supreme Promotions team is very disrespectful. If he hears one more mention of Gully Bop being on stage with him, he’ll be a no-show at Sting.   Check out the full show below ——Views (36839)



Kesnoa-al Anthony Bennett, better known by stage name Gucci London, is a Jamaican born Jamaican Dancehall artist, hailing from Manchester, As a child Kesnoa recalls his mother promoting parties and concerts in Jamaica which peeked his interest in music. His career started in education as an educator at York Castle High School in Jamaica. His athletic abilities in track and field led to a scholarship where he attended Auburn University in Alabama, U.S.A., majoring in Psychology. After graduating from AuburnRead More …