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Gully Bop and Shauna Chin Sings New Song Together Professing Their Love Amid Internet Rumors

No one including myself knew that out of this rags to riches story a true love story would emerge.   Most of us who love dancehall music has been following the  Gully Bop and Shauna Chin story. In the beginning a lot of us could not understand what was happening and immediately passed judgement. Gully Bop’s feel good story was something that touched a lot of people’s heart. What happened next was a  shock for many but understood by a few.Read More …

Gaza Indu Defends Vybz Kartel…Dis Popcaan, Tommy Lee and Gaza Slim in New Song Loyalty

Gaza Indu was one of the female artists that surrounded Vybz Kartel through his reign as the head of the Gaza Army. Through all the controversy surrounding Kartel and the other members of the Gaza, Gaza Indu seemed to be most silent one that eventually just disappeared from the scene. She has recently re-surfaced with a new song called “Loyalty” which is deemed as a dis to Tommy Lee, Gaza Slim and Popcaan. Listen to the track below and leaveRead More …

Mavado Feat. Future & Ace Hood – I Aint Going Back Broke New Jan 2015

Mavado Feat. Future & Ace Hood  releases knockout collaboration, I Aint going broke. Lots of Fans have been asking when will Mavado have a new hot single and I think its here, Listen track bellow also check out the Bonus track with DWAYNE ROSE THUS HOW WE ROLE [JAN 2015] Please  Like and share both ——Views (443)

Alkaline Ride On Me Raw- New Music

Recently Alkaline received a lot of criticism about the content of his music. Sizzla lashed out at him at a stage show a few weeks ago. Alkaline, however is pushing forward with his styleof lyrics. Listen to his latest song below and leave your remarks in the comment field. ——Views (682)

Gully Bop New Song Sleep Around [Preview]

Gully Bop started the new year proving to fans that he is here to stay. Check out a preview of his new song Sleep around that is scheduled to drop this week.     ——Views (7909)


MAVADO RESPONDS TO ALKALINE’S PRAISES on a onstage interview he Says “he put Bounty in the past”. DO you Agree? MAVADO: THINGS STILL REMAINS THE SAME NOTHING HAS CHANGED, I HAVE PUT BOUNTY IN THE PAST.. Also Tommy lee Sparta calls alkaline a Coward, talks sting gage and more ——Views (882)

[Free Download] Bass Odyssey, Stone Love Atlanta Entire Audio….Tribute To Squingy 11.29.2014

This is the Full Audio for the 2014 Thanksgiving Event in Atlanta A tribute to squingy, featuring Stone Love and Bass Odyssey. Make sure take advantage of the free Download.  Also Look out for the next big Event Dusk Till Dawn coming in march….2015 DUSK TILL DAWN MARCH 2014 VIDEO… ——Views (270)


Kesnoa-al Anthony Bennett, better known by stage name Gucci London, is a Jamaican born Jamaican Dancehall artist, hailing from Manchester, As a child Kesnoa recalls his mother promoting parties and concerts in Jamaica which peeked his interest in music. His career started in education as an educator at York Castle High School in Jamaica. His athletic abilities in track and field led to a scholarship where he attended Auburn University in Alabama, U.S.A., majoring in Psychology. After graduating from AuburnRead More …

Daddy Vybz aka Kartel Daddy…Every Gyal Want a Wuk Affa Mi [video]

Watch Now Daddy Vybz Disses Tommy Lee And Alkaline Click Here Now Jamaica is filled with talent. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or your circumstances we’re all rich with music. Check out this video: ——Views (1062)

Brand New!!!Music Video Mavado (My Own Paypa) Music Video

New Music Video released today from the “Gully Gad” Mavado (My Own Paypa) ——Views (605)