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Junior X “The Man Called Junior X” New Dancehall Reggae Song September 2015

Listen Junior X “The Man Called Junior X” on Artist: Junior X (Twitter @IAmJuniorX) Title: “The Man Called Junior X” Riddim: Boiling Essence Riddim Producer: New Day Music Group (Twitter @NEWDAYMG) Date of Release : soon More about Junior X : official website ——Views (65)

Beat Up

Zap dem ——Views (73)

Ninja Man – The Music Industry Killed Toya Josef Bogdanovich’s Wife

Ninja Man says the pressures of the Music Industry aided in Toya’s demise…The former down sound artiste also talks life after downsound, plans for the future…and more! Ninjaman’s incredible capacity to annihilate opponents in clashes established him as the preeminent war brand in Jamaican Dancehall. The don gorgon appeared to have parked this coveted attribute when he inked a deal with Downsound records. During his tenure at the Joe Bogdanovich label Ninjaman refused several clash offers in a bid toRead More …

The Bop Reigns Supreme in London

If there are any doubts out there as to whether or not Gully Bop can do this, that doubt should have been wiped away after last nights performance to a sold out crowd in London. Gully Bop’s story keeps on getting better. He is proving to the world that he is more than capable of sustaining a career in the music industry and his fans are showing him that they are here to support him on his journey.   Look atRead More …

Alkaline Gets Bottled in West Palm Beach

Alkaline ends show abruptly after being bottled. Alkaline’s concert on Friday night in West Palm Beach was cut short after someone from the crowd threw a Ciroc bottle on stage at the controversialDancehall artist. His performance only lasted about 13 minutes. We are not sure what cause the bottle to be thrown, but Alkaline decided that he was not going to perform under such circumstances and left the stage.   Check out the video below ——Views (5430)

Busy Signal Talks Career and Previews New Music OnStage

Busy Signal stopped by Onstage and spoke about his career, all the ventures he’s taking on and where he sees his career going. Check out the full interview below. ——Views (410)

Star: Bobby Brown Should Keep Bobbi Alive for Business Reasons

Lord Jamar and Star sat down with VladTV once again and shared their thoughts on Bobbi Kristina’s current situation, as the celebrity seed is showing little signs of improving since being found face-down in a bathtub, similar to her mother, Whitney Houston. Lord Jamar believes that Bobby should hold on to his faith for his daughter’s sake, while star believes that he should keep her on life support vor financial reasons. ——Views (314)

Watch ‪Redemption‬ Live Concert A Tribute To Bob Marley (Live From Jamaica)

Featuring Bob Marley’s sons, Tessanne Chin, Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths, I-Octane, Capleton, Cocoa Tea, Freddie McGregor, Tarrus Riley and many more. Press Play Below ——Views (591)


After his electrifying performance at Rebel Salute…Sizzla took out his frustration on a number of issues to our camera. Check out his interview below, and leave your remarks in the comment field. ——Views (6569)

Gully Bop Ft M Gee Life Too Sweet ●Official Video HD 720p●

The peoples Artist Gully Bop just released his New video featuring M Gee, all We can say is my hats off to Gully Bop for you have accomplish what they say you cant do, most people gave you a time limit but it seems everyday you defy all the odds. “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, endured something, overcame something, or striving for something at some point in your life.” “Don’t pay any attention toRead More …