Alkaline backs out of Sting 2014 is he Afraid…Or is that a good move for his career?

The Management team of Dancehall DJ Alkaline released a statement recently stating that he will not be at Sting this year. According to the press release he has other engagements overseas. Alkaline recently received his visa to travel to the United States and has been booked for several shows in cities like New York, Atlanta, and Miami.  He has also teamed up with “We The Bes”t recording artist Mavado for quite a few shows.

Critics seems to think that this is a bad move on Alkaline’s part.  He recently proclaimed himself the youngest and baddest there is… In an Onstage interview earlier this year  he stated that DJ’s that wanted to make a name for themselves are calling his name because he is the man on top. Some view his withdrawal from Sting as proof that he cannot live up to his speech, and this is just a way to chicken out. Sting patrons are very disappointed because everyone seems to have a beef with Alkaline today. Gage, Tommy Lee, and even Jamaica’s newest superstar Gully Bop was looking forward to meeting Alkaline at Sting.

Is this a good move for Alkaline, or does it result in a win for Gage, Tommy Lee or Gully bop?  Turning down Sting says something about the heights of his career. Does he have everything to loose and absolutely nothing to gain from performing at Sting? Is he turning his back on the is core  fans?  He is already one of the most talked about Artist in Jamaica, is it time to get his recognition on an international scale?

Tommy Lee Calling out Alkaline

It has been widely speculated that Alkaline was imitating Vybz Kartels persona  and style. It is well known that Vybz Kartel was never afraid of confrontation. One of the biggest highlights of Kartel’s career was his infamous battles at sting; going up against the likes of Merciless, Ninjaman and  Mavado. He even tried to take a stab at Bounty Killer. Sting is almost a right of passage for all artists to prove to their fans their lyrical wit. Tommy Lee was recently on Onstage saying that he thinks Alkaline is afraid and he doubts that he wants to clash anyone. See video below:

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