Gully Bop and Shauna Chin Sings New Song Together Professing Their Love Amid Internet Rumors

No one including myself knew that out of this rags to riches story a true love story would emerge.


Most of us who love dancehall music has been following the  Gully Bop and Shauna Chin story. In the beginning a lot of us could not understand what was happening and immediately passed judgement. Gully Bop’s feel good story was something that touched a lot of people’s heart. What happened next was a  shock for many but understood by a few.

Somehow this so called mad man from Grants Pen achieved  what most Artist spent decades trying to achieve. He became famous and  instantly was a household name. I remember sitting in my car listening to reggae music and was approached by an American person, who asked me if I knew who Gully Bop is. Many people were surprised at the fact that Gully Bop lasted a month, much less six months and is now touring the world and selling out shows. We were immediately intrigued by the attention Gully Bop was getting and how fast his story was spreading. What we found out about Gully Bop touched our heart, Shauna Chin’s heart and the heart of fans around the world.


Some people believe that Shauna Chin is a good impact while others question her motives. The fact is Gully Bop is like one of those uncles we all have that people gravitate towards because of his presence, his humor and his charisma. He captivates everyone  that he is around. Shauna was no different. We all realize that a big part of being in love is being happy and which is obvious for both of them, no matter what we perceive the situation to be. The most notable signature that Shauna Chin has, is her laughter, which is heard in recordings and tapings of Gully Bop. The kind of laughter that gives you a glimpse into someone’s state of mind and heart. It is evident that she is truly happy around Gully Bop.




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Recently social media has been buzzing with pictures of Gully Bop on tour and rumors of a troubled relationship. Thanks to modern technology they were able to spend some quality time recording this song yesterday. A sample of Tammi Chin’s “Calling My Name”. Take a listen and leave your remarks in the comment field.


 Bonus Track Below



Look out for the Face Time Riddim coming soon!

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3 Comments to Gully Bop and Shauna Chin Sings New Song Together Professing Their Love Amid Internet Rumors

  1. Shine_Ness says:

    Lövééeeeeee Ittttttt

  2. Sophia says:

    I love it bop bop surprise but I never know that chin can sing,
    chin soon star make her own single all she need is a bit of voice training confidence and a good songs writer.

    Love is how the person you’re with make you feel about yourself!

  3. Clifton robinson says:

    Nice song with both of them,just love These two together

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