Gully Bop defies all the odds! (Video)


A look at his first stage show in the United Kingdomwpid-img-20150315-wa0028.jpg

Five months ago he emerged unto the dancehall scene as a lyricist and since then he has accomplished what many entertainers spend their entire careers trying to do. Gully Bop captured audiences all over the globe. His fan base included men, women, boys and girls. In the history of dancehall only a few entertainers have been able to gain fans in all generations.

He was branded the name Daddy Vybz and Kartel Daddy because, of the lyrics in song that catapulted him to fame. Many however, thought that he would be a one hit wonder. He was compared to Potential Kid, Rosie and even Clifton Brown. Gully Bop, however, knew differently. He proved to the naysayers that he was more than capable of being a musician when he took the title at Sting.

Gully Bop recently embarked upon his UK Tour and performed to sold out crowds all over the country. Last night his show was stopped early in Brixton by the police because of the massive crowd that was outside.

Today Gully Bop returns home to Jamaica for a few days, then he’ll be off to the Caribbean and Canada in April, Europe and the USA in May.


We wish him all the best.

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