Gully Bop Responds To War Professa and Mash Up His First UK Stop

Over the past few days there has been a lot of back and fort between War Professa and Shauna Chin, Gully Bop’s Fiance’/Manager .  War Professa pointed out that the outfit that Gully Bop wore when he left the island to go on tour was not a real brand. In his opinion war professor stated that Gully Bop is now a star and making money, so he should be wearing expensive clothes. On the contrary Gully Bop believes that it doesn’t matter the name on his clothes, because a few months ago he did not have anything. When Island Jams contacted Gully Bop this is what he had to say:
Mi nuh like dem negative things yah. Mi deh yah fi a reason and dem just want mi fi stray from it. A my clothes and it comfortable a dat alone matter. Di focus should be on the fact seh a man that was down and out with the help of the people deh a England now a show di lickle kids dem seh dreams come through no matter di circumstances.
Gully Bop embarked upon a 17 day UK tour last Thursday. The internet sensation is very happy about the direction his career is headed in. After his UK tour he has dates booked in the Caribbean then he’ll embark upon his European tour. By may he hopes to be in the USA for the Best of the Best Festival.
Mi can’t leave out mi fans dem. Mi still can’t believe seh dis really a happen, but mi know seh mi couldn’t a dream this long. Mi just want thank everybody for giving me a second chance.

When asked if all the negative publicity on the internet is affecting his tour this is what Gully Bop replied.
Of course it a affect mi. A just di love weh mi have fi mi fans dem, cause mi know seh a long time dem a wait fi si mi suh mi a stay positive fi dem. Mi a guh mash up di place fi dem.
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So said so done, Gully Bop shined at his first stop on his tour. Check out the clip below.

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  1. Tania Sky says:

    Sounds like crab in a barrel syndrome. A dat me a tell yuh. Gully Bop, if you follow the hype and run go buy expensive designer clothes and advertise for the designers who are already rich then you value War Professa’s opinion. Only poor people you see pose in the party with champagne and designer duds from head to toe and their parents and children live no where and are struggling to find food. Like the man who drives E class Benz in West Palm Beach and his mother is looking for a room to rent in Jamaica.
    Work the money doing what you were born to do and make the money work for you so that you will never be a pauper again. Bop Bop Bop!

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