Born in New York City the birthplace of Hip Hop, Kassim Rite has been honing his crafts as a rapper, singer, and dancer since early childhood. By the age of 12 his young interests eventually matured into a professional passion, birthing the beginning of his promising music career. Impressed by the styles of musical giants Michael Jackson, Usher, Drake, and Nas, Kassim’s delivery is refreshingly positive and authentically unique. His bars tend to playfully bounce between pop-culture nostalgia and punch-line lyricism, placing him at the intersection of where the fly style of the 1990’s meets the cleverly cool swagger of today

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Kassim is dedicated to living a successful and positive life. He spends the majority of his time developing his two grand “hustles”, music and education, and expresses in his music how one hand in each investment can wash the other. So when he’s not in the studio creating or collaborating with producers such as Tedy P of SONY ATV Publishing he’s minding his studies as a Pre-Med student at University of South Florida. Kassim has broadened his worth by adding producer and drum player to his catalog of talents. In his own right, Kassim Rite is an American Dream. However, if you let him tell it, he’s just a kid with a dream –working passionately every day to see it come true.

Written by Gurdey

SINGLE, SPACE MAN ” (Produced by DJ Carnage)

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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kassim-rite

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