Jah Rule speaks on th feminization of hip hop…namely shirt skirt


Ja Rule opened up during his exclusive VladTV interview about the perceived feminization of Hip-Hop, while using fashion as an example. He shares a story about his son wanting a “shirt-skirt” after the boy told him it was in style, but Ja initially said “no.” After thinking about the cringe-worthy fashion of his youth, the Queens rapper decided that he had to accept that this kind of fashion was trendy in Hip Hop now.

The conversation then moves to the “Life Ain’t a Game” rapper’s views on homosexuality after being asked if he thinks there will ever be a popular gay rapper. After saying that he thinks there’s already a gay rapper that’s a hit song away from being popular, he shares a story about how his views were shaped on the subject of homosexuality.

While in jail, Ja Rule saw an openly gay prisoner be ostracized by fellow inmates, which made the rapper think of how black people were treated during times when segregation was accepted. He says that he sat by and witnessed how the guy was treated and how he overcame the situation.

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