Ssense releases new single “Everything Fly” to start the new year

Dancehall up and coming artist Ssense wowed us with an excellent performance in the new artist segment of the 2015 staging of Sting. The multi-talented Ssense, known best for his songwriting skills, is an excellent lyricist but possess a golden voice,  and perfect delivery skills. At Sting 2015 he  produced a gorgeous sound, as rich and warm as it was remarkably clear; his projection and stage manner were similarly enticing…even though his session was cut short the cycle finished advantageously.


Ssense hails out of Seaview Gardens Jamaica, a garrison community that has produced some of the giants in the Reggae dancehall industry. Determined to follow in their footsteps Ssense  promises to deliver abundantly in the new year. He started this morning, by releasing a new single called “Everything Fly.”




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