Veteran dancehall artist comes to Gully Bops defense

Look how long wi a lock dancehall and some little fool a flop dancehall, now Gully Bop come and a pack dancehall, bring the fun inna di ting and him a rock dancehall

Nuff people a chat but dem nuh have no substance, a di fun from Gully Bop di people dem want.

Those were the words of veteran dancehall artist Delly Ranx. In a recently released song to youtube  Delly came to the defense of internet sensation Gully Bop. He said he’s not a wagonist but he’s endorsing Gully Bop. He’s happy that someone is bringing back some fun into dancehall.

Who is this song referring to? Is it other entertainers, or is it the fans that recently spoke out about the path Gully Bop is taking?

Listen the full audio below and leave your opinions in comment field.

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