Gully Bop’s Son Speaks Out About Ms. Chin, His Dad and Claims Record

Gold digger, opportunist, career killer and groupie are some of the words being used on social media to describe Shauna Chin, the woman behind Dancehall and social media’s newest sensation Gully Bop.

A lot of people including myself are very passionate about Gully Bop. We feel like we built him, and we are ready to defend him from whoever we think can impede his progress. Unfortunately in the eyes of many the enemy is Shauna Chin.

In my case, I thought I had a good reason to dislike her. Unlike most people that’s taking credit for starting Gully Bop’s career we actually put some work in, and invested some money into him. We recognized his talent from day one.  Our team was responsible for sharing the original video to Facebook and branded it Kartel’s Daddy aka Daddy Vybz. DJ Danger Marcus (Disruption Sound) remixed the song on the punnany riddim. We realized he was not a mad man like everyone claimed, but a struggling artist down on his luck, doing odd jobs and electrical work in his community to survive. The next step we took was to add a video to the song and then post it to YouTube. We promoted and pushed it through our website and social media.

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We didn’t stop there though, we found out who he was, and found a way to contact him through a neighbor, sent him some money and told him buy some food and treat himself to something.  We felt very accomplished when we saw how big he became. Island Jams  assisted in a real life “from nothing to something.”

I was angry when I saw that Ms Chin just swooped in and started taking all the credit for all the work we did. I was even more furious when I saw the headline in the Star that Claims Record  had severed ties with Gully Bop. Yes, it came to pass Ms Chin ruined Gully Bop’s  career.

I wanted to expose her for who she really was so I spent time gathering information. I reached out to everyone that I thought could shed a little light to her story, and soon I had her entire life on file.

Change of heart

I started going through her pictures on Facebook and I discovered that she was a mother. The sudden urge to destroy her started withering away. I felt the need to speak to her, so I picked up the phone and called her. After having a 3 hour conversation with Ms. Chin, Gully Bop and his son, I learnt that sometimes we need to look at the big picture…Gully Bop is happy and doing well, he is now able to take care of his family. His children can now be proud of him. This is the story we need to post on social media. People, nothing in life is perfect, as a society we need to learn how to uplift each other instead of tearing down. It is a learning process for him, imagine how overwhelming it would be if you were in his shoes, he is happy excited and most of all grateful.

Gully Bop’s Son

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  1. Sabrina says:

    Wow!This is a very touching story.It brought tears to my eyes. I wish them all the best.

  2. Gully Bop my man the sky is d limit.Run tings.We nid yu inna Zim one day

  3. Real talk says:

    She is a real fake gold digger

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