I grew up in Portland Jamaica where fishing and farming was the way of life for many people. Mr Jones owned the banana walk from St Thomas to Portland. My Grandfather was a fisherman who would regularly be out at sea for days.  My grandmother did embroidery and seaming. Where did all  the farmers, and fisherman go? Where is the conventional way of life? Is this a deliberate take over of foreign influences to modernize a country? The problem with that idea is that food has to be produced somewhere, so why not here? It seems like this restructuring of Jamaica is deliberate, and has been in place now for quite some time.

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They started with re-shaping our minds so that we can believe that true wealth come from things that we cannot achieve. The truth of the matter  is, that we are indeed already wealthy by being able to farm, and survive off the land, we already own. It is strange that driving through the countryside you see more satellites and Cable & Wireless stations than you see libraries and schools. Is the television the new teacher?  Is Jamaica in for a life lesson from Love and Hip Hop?

Isn’t it funny how  many of us choose to  migrate to foreign lands, work hard,  do the deeds of the world, to earn an income to buy the things we had for free, but took it for granted.
The old saying goes wanti wanti caan get it, and getty getty nuh want it. There is a large foreign presence currently buying up all the land in Jamaica, the same land that we gave up on, to do the same thing that we refused to do;  that is farm and develop. The question is; how many immigrants that migrate are truly happy? It seems to me that there is  more  stress, and burden to survive than most people anticipated.

Has our Government failed us, or have we failed ourselves?

We can’t blame the government because they are business people first. Most people seem to see wealth as object-oriented, but things of great value take time and effort to achieve.
The  bible says; ‘whatever a man sew so shall he reap.”  We have to understand that our existence and our future, our wealth, lies in our ability to do the simplest God given things, and that’s to feed ourselves. We need to get back to creating our own way of life. How can we give away our 40 Acres to move into a subdivision?

The land of sugar cane and wild banana trees

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I remember in Long Road, Portland as a child one man killed a cow and the entire community eat. One boat come in, and the community feast. It saddens me, but the old days are gone and so is much of Jamaica, with migrating being one of the ultimate goals of most people. We have given up on the traditional way of life.

Its not too late, if you have  land in Jamaica don’t sell; farm and sell, because there lies your wealth.

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