A Softer Side Of The Bop (Video)

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to look within ourselves, identify who we are, where we’re coming from, and what molds us into the person we’ve become. For dancehall’s  newest sensation Gully Bop, that’s visiting his Mamma in King Weston,  West Rural St. Andrew. Meet Dorist Archer aka Aunt Gally .

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Most of us that grew up in the Caribbean knows someone like her that we can relate to. A woman that always does everything… with a super woman persona, that never seems to get old. The best cook, you can always look forward to a treat, coconut drops, pudding etc, the best caregiver, the person that everyone turns to for advise and love.   She did not have any children of her own, but raised an entire community. Among those she raised were Miss Norma, Gully Bop’s Mother, all  her children and grandchildren. According to Gully Bop over 100 children passed through Ms. Gally’s hand. Gully Bop said he is happy he is able to do something to help her now. His only regret is that she is not able to understand what he is doing.

Gully Bop’s story is a very amazing and unique one. This miracle did not start with a YouTube video. It started with Miss Gally. Her strength, her determination, the fact that she never gave up, built character in those lives she touched, even when she had nothing  she still helped others. This strength and commitment is what we see in Bop today. Her heart of gold is what has inspired Gully Bop to do all he can to help others. Gully Bop is set to launch his clothing line in March of 2015, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity. In a recent interview on a radio station in Boston he said, ” God gi mi a chance and mi nah go just gi di people weh video mi a chance, mi  aguh help everybody. Mi career just start and mi caan do much yet, but mi soon reach di point weh mi can do it. Mi ago help everybody mi can inna di 14 parishes of Jamaica.”
The sweetest feeling in life is knowing that  you’re appreciated and the struggles was all worth it. We should all strive to live with a caring, and compassionate heart like this lady, because happiness comes in the peace of mind of knowing that we did all we could, and that  we contributed to humanity.
We rarely get to see the stories like this. Here is an inside look at the softer side of Gully Bop.

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