Barack Obama Spotted on N.Y.C. Sidewalk Today- Greeted by Loud Cheers

Barack Obama was spoted in N.Y.C. Sidewalk today


Former President Barack Obama has (very briefly) returned to the public eye in N.Y.C. on Friday, exiting a building on Fifth Avenue and entering his car before driving away. But not without a hearty reception.

A large crowd had gathered — and they welcomed him to the Big Apple with open arms (and loud cheers.)

He wore no tie, and left his shirt unbuttoned at the top. He also carried a cup of Starbucks (ah, private citizen perks) and waved to the crowd.

Since leaving the White House, Obama has been enjoying some much-needed time off. He and Michelle Obama visited Palm Springs and the British Virgin Islands, where he kite surfed with billionaire mogul Richard Branso

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