Bobby Shmurda…Jamaican father Trinidadian mother, East Flatbush raised! What went wrong?

Did you know Bobby  Shmurda  is the youngest of two sons born to a Jamaican father and Trinidadian mother.

Since his rise to fame Shmurda has frequently expressed his disbelief at how far he has come. “I feel like I’m in a dream” a childlike Shmurda  said  in a recent interview. He often speaks of the challenges he has faced in his 20 years. He was born in Florida, but re-located to Brooklyn, New York after his father was incarcerated.

“Where I’m from they don’t usually get chances like this, yuh nuh. I just started and it got crazy. This is just the beginning,” said Shmurda in an interview with the online station, Revolt TV

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Bobby Shmurda’s mother pictured leaving the courthouse

Is Bobby Shmurda a product of his environment? Has the  influences of living in Brooklyn shortened what seems to be a promising career?

“Growing up in East Flatbush was like ‘growing up in the jungle,’ he said: “If you ain’t hard you ain’t gonna stand, you gonna fall. You gone break.” In east Flatbush the caribbean culture is very strong. Is this a case of it takes a village to raise a child gone bad? As a caribbean community are we doing enough to own our kids? Are there programs in East Flatbush to aide struggling families of caribbean descent?

Or, did this caribbean child just choose to take the wrong path? Shmurda has had several run-ins with the law. He spent 15 months in a detention center for violating his probation, and was also arrested on a gun charge, which was dropped.

In the Revolt TV interview, Shmurda said he is happy that he has found a new path,  his good fortune has forced some changes.

“I don’t live where I used to live no more (in Flatbush, Brooklyn). My manager moved me out because he didn’t want me to get in trouble,” he explained.

Bobby Shmurda’s attorney, Howard Greenberg, is obvioulsy, going to take a strong stand in defense of his client, the upstart Brooklyn rapper.

“I’m not gonna let the government crucify my guys,” Greenberg told REVOLT after the indictment hearing on Thursday (December 18). “The police recruit guiltless, loveless people to whom truth is a meaningless concept.”

Now, that’s very strong.

Greenberg is certainly a colorful character, but no doubt, he’s working hard for Shmurda. The lawyer is representing the rapper and his brother, and was able to secure a $2 million bond for Bobby despite some major charges.

According to Greenberg, whose speech was full of flourishes, the indictment is “a bunch of bullshit” and he hints that someone at Quad Studios may have dropped the dime on the rapper.

In any event, the attorney confirmed Epic Records would be covering the collateral for Bobby’s bond and said, as of press time, his office has yet to receive the evidence from the investigation that was used in the sealed indictment.

Greenberg estimates the entire ordeal may last a year to 18 months and he was extremely confident in his Bobby’s chances to beat the case.

“I’m the vampire slayer, bro and I wanna win,” he said.


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