Bobby Shmurda’s GS9, Full 63 Page Indictment …The Modern Day New Jack City

I Grew up watching movies like Boys In The Hood, Juice, and New Jack City to name a few, but Shmurda and his GS9 CRIPS took it to a new level. This indictment reads like a Script with twists add turns along the way. Bobby Shmurda did not only rap his lyrics; he and his gs9 crew seem to have lived every word of it.

Song titled Bobby Bitch,

In a way they were like a family with their own code words. Here is a clip of them just flexing for the cameras


Shmurda and his GS9 crew was accused of some pretty serious charges which include murder, attempted murder, drug trafficking and more. It seems as if most of the evidence were gathered through  phone conversation with one of the defendants called  Slice who was incarcerated. All this is detailed in the indictment transcript.

Two of the  rival gangs are Brooklyn’s Most Wanted (BMW) and Folk Nation. Here are Some rivals dissing GS9 in a video in Brooklyn,

The Miami incident.

GS9 Involved In Retaliation Shootout With Rival Gang In Miami Beach Over Murder Beef

Allegedly even after he became  a budding star he was still involved in his gang activities. According to the transcripts Shmurda got the guns from family members in Miami for the shooting

It even stated  in the indictment that at one point Bobby Shmurda got in an argument with his own brother Fame and pulled a gun and fired at him. Maybe they were just a little too hot.

[spiderpowa-pdf src=””]250528939-GS9-Indictment-Redacted

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