Bounty Killer The Humanitarian…Artist Gives Back To The Community [Video]

Whenever we see the name Bounty Killer in the news it’s always associated with the Cross, Angry, Miserable persona that Rodney Price has portrayed over the years. What most people doesn’t know is that Bounty Killer possess a heart of gold. A humanitarian that is responsible for improving the lifestyle of many in Jamaica.

Every year around this time Bounty Killer puts on a back to school treat for the kids in his hometown Seaview Gardens. This year the dancehall legend drew out the dancehall fraternity to assist his good deeds. Artists like Devin Di Doctor, Chi Ching Ching, Ssense, Ishawna , Bugle, Dexta Daps, Blakkman, Willful Skillful,  and Popcaan was at this year’s event assisting the Solid Agency team.


The entire Seaview Gardens came out for Bounty Killer’s Back to school treat.

According to one Seaview resident , Bounty Killer is Seaview’s hero;

The kids were happy for the treat, but I think the happiest person at the event was Killer himself. For the whole night Killer just deh deh wid a big  proud smile pan him face. We really appreciate everything di general do fi di community. Much respect to Bounty,di poor people governor.


One little kid at the event said :

Him bring mechanical Bull, popcorn machine, snow cone machine, squeeze juice, KFC, Cran Wata, hot dog, books, pencils, crayons and nuff more things. Him all tek picture wid wi.


This back to school treat is just one of Bounty Killer’s humanitarian acts. Sources close to the DJ  told us that he  helps to  provide for the needy, homeless, hungry and others in need of assistance.

Bounty  responsible fi keeping a roof ova nuff people head and put food inna nuff people mouth. If mi need sumting right now mi can always pick up di phone and seh general yuh know seh mi kinda bruk right now and him ago do something fi help mi.



Bounty Killer doesn’t only do good deeds at home, he brings his kindness wherever he goes. A friend of mine told me about an incident that occurred with the DJ over a decade ago that made me into an immediate fan. He said he moonlighted as a driver whenever entertainers came to Atlanta. One weekend he picked up Bounty Killer at the airport and drove him around. He said Bounty Killer was the most down to earth DJ he’s ever met. The big shocker came however, when he drove Bounty Killer to the mall to get an outfit for the event. While the DJ shopped, he walked around and browsed a few items himself. He saw a jacket that he spent a little extra time looking at, to his amazement Bounty Killer purchased the jacket for him. My friend said he appreciated it so much that he never wore the jacket and still has it in his closet today.

We lift our hats off to you Bounty Killer…



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