Our sources have informed us that Dancehall artist and internet sensation Gully Bop plans to launch his own clothing line in the spring of 2015. Gully Bop plans to help others by giving a percentage of his earnings to charities that represents the struggles that he went through for so many years.
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Helping others is like helping myself a few weeks ago,” he said. “Sometimes mi a drive and si a lickle man pan di side a di road and just stop and gi dem some money. Di world gi mi a opportunity suh mi ago mek sure seh mi gi somebody a break to.

It is exemplary of a man in his position to want to help others who can’t help themselves.
For those who are not familiar with Gully Bop’s story, he was a down and out artist, who didn’t give up on his trade. To survive he worked odd jobs fixing things around his community. He has admitted that there were times he was hungry, didn’t have a change of clothes, or shoes to wear. He became famous in the last few months when a  video  of him free-styling was released on the internet. He has since performed at numerous shows and  headlined the biggest one night dancehall show “Sting”  in Jamaica late last year. He delivered one of the best performances of the night.

Gully bop is really passionate about this project, he is well aware of where he is coming from and feels that if he can do something to put a smile on the face of others, then he is willing. He plans to make the best of his new found fame and the opportunity given to him by the people. He realizes that one of the best ways to show his gratitude is to give back and help others in need.

A nuff artist  buss and nuh look back at all, but not me, not even fi a minute mi can’t forget which part mi a come from, sometimes mi feel like seh a dream mi a dream but mi affi pinch miself and si dat it’s real.

With a U.S based company on board he feels like this will bring the type of attention needed to address these issues.  Gully Bop explained that there are many people out there that are just going through a rough period, and society brands them mad or insane, but in reality all they need is a helping hand. Over the next few months his team will be reaching out to local groups that helps the less fortunate.

There is so many wasted food and clothing in the world, but there are still kids, and adults that goes to sleep hungry and walk  without shoes everyday so something must be done. According to Shauna Chin they are now sporting one of the T-shirt design with his name and face printed on the front, but in the future most of the clothing will have  unique slangs and designs from Gully Bop himself. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival. Here is a preview of what we’ll see in the early spring of 2015. This will be a clothing line not a T-Shirt Line.

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The brand will be sold in stores and online you can visit  and click the Bop Bop Shop to pre-order.  Stay tuned for the official announcement and launch date coming soon

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