Buju Banton will walk free if appeals court rule in his favor, after yesterday’s court hearing.

According to sources the United States Attorney’s office will not file a new case if a mis-trial is granted.

Attorney’s for imprisoned reggae superstar Buju Banton were in court yesterday for a hearing on his appeal case. The case is being heard in front of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta Georgia. The singer is appealing his 2011 conviction on a cocaine distribution conspiracy charge. The high court will decide whether or not the one remaining charge that is keeping the Grammy award winning DJ behind bars could’ve been different without the misconduct of one Juror. Earlier this year other charges were thrown out by The Honorable James S. Moody, Jr. a Senior United States District Judge.

According to sources in the courtroom Buju’s attorneys, Charles Ogletree and Max Stern are very optimistic. They argued that there is no way the misconduct of said juror did not impact the outcome of the trial. The 3 panel Judges seemed to agree with them. According to one source one of the judges implied that there was absolutely no way to tell how much information the jury received from the internet, and whether or not it impacted the outcome of the trial.

We are keeping Gargamel in our prayers. We hope that this ordeal comes to an end soon, a christmas blessing for his family, friends, and the music fraternity.


Recently a  change in federal drug sentencing guidelines  prompted the convicted Jamaican reggae singer  to ask for early release from his 10-year prison sentence. He is scheduled for release in 2019.

Banton filed a motion asking to be released early under the change that reduces sentencing guidelines for most drug offenses and can be applied retroactively.

However, the change won’t apply to most minimum mandatory sentences. Banton’s 10-year sentence is the minimum mandatory sentence for his conviction stemming from a 2009 arrest following a sting operation.

Buju wants the court to reduce his sentence and release him to U.S. immigration authorities so that he can be deported to Jamaica.

We are awaiting the results.

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  1. waynton brown says:

    Give him a chance once more in life god say blessed is the man that walketh in his name.

  2. tami says:

    Everyone need a second chance in life cause we all make mistake in life we or not perfect

  3. Free my brother for forgive him he is a good man

  4. Tracey Kimm says:

    It’s not an easy road, free him please. He is a good man

  5. Colvin Scott says:

    The eyes of the almighty is lookin on you mi bredda and justice will deliv
    er from Wicked any day now!! Free speech I n I Seh

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