Daddy Vybz aka Country Man Disses Tommy Lee & Alkaline

In a bid to be a performer at the 2014 staging of Sting, dancehall’s newest sensation Daddy Vybz aka Country Man calls out Tommy Lee and Alkaline in his latest video. Sources say that Sting promoters are already  inquiring about this new artist. Country man took the internet by storm last week when Atlanta based DJ Danger Marcus teamed up with Island Jams Entertainment to release the remix  and video to  a viral Facebook recording of Country Man free-styling.  The  song was added to the Punany Rhythm and the music video showcased a sexy female gyrating .Daddy Vybz career took off. Stay tuned to for updates on what is next for Daddy Vybz.
Country man pictured above with Dancehall Street Guru Stampede Lammie of Stampede Street Charts

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