Gully Bop and manager Shauna Chin accuses Ninja Man of drugging and ruining Gully Bops career in the 90’s

Gully Bop and his management team accuses dancehall legend Ninja Man of giving Gully Bop crack-cocaine in the  199o’s which resulted in the end of his career.

While performing at a stage show in Montego Bay St.James over the weekend, Gully Bop told fans that back in the 1990’s when he was an aspiring DJ with the likes of Ninja Man, the dancehall veteran fed him with crack cocaine and ruined his  career. He said that Ninja Man was jealous of him and wanted to steal his style so he drugged him.

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Yesterday a screen shot surfaced on the web from what seems to be Gully Bop’s manager Shauna Chin’s Facebook page that further accused Ninja Man of trying to ruin her artist’s career.

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Recently Gully Bop has been trying to seek a clash with Ninja Man at Reggae Sting 2015. This comes weeks after  Gully Bop commended Ninja Man, and stated that Ninja Man was his idol. He was slated to perform alongside Ninja Man at the boxing day show.


In a recent onstage interview Ninja Man stated that he would not clash with Gully Bop at Sting, because they are not in the same class. Ninja man went on to say that he is offended that the promoters of Sting would insinuate such  things. He said he would not share the stage with Gully Bop


Is this another gimmick from Gully Bop’s management team? We’re all aware that Ninja Man had his own run-ins with drugs over the years and still managed to have a successful career.If it is they need to be reminded that Gully Bop has talent and does not need to resort this type of propaganda to be successful.

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