Gully Bop Feeds The Homeless, Urges Other Entertainers To Do The Same

Over the past 6 months Gully Bop has been one of the most popular entertainers in Jamaica. His story has captured the hearts of many people, both local and abroad. We’ve gotten to know love and admire the story of  this charismatic lyricist that now serves as  an inspiration to all those who have a dream; through his rags to riches and love story.

A lot of people however doesn’t know that Gully Bop has been transforming lives and giving back to his community in his own way. Every opportunity he gets he gives to the homeless, the kids and anyone he believes is in need. Here is a clip of an instance when gully Bop was driving and saw a man on the street that is in the situation(a mad man)  he was in six months ago. He stopped, bought some food for the homeless guy and sat with him while he ate. Can you imagine what that meant to the homeless guy? According to Gully Bop, he’s no in a situation yet to do all the things he wants to do but until that day comes he will help them one at a time.

Gully Bop often explains that he was categorized as a mad man, but there was nothing wrong with him he was just poor.

If more people had that mentality the world would be a better place.

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  1. larone says:

    Real youth! Who feel it knows it. God bless to the blessed child of god!!!!!!! Straight

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