Gully Bop Responds To New York Producer’s Ungrateful Remarks And X6 Allegations

Last week there was a story published on another website along with a youtube video that was titled “Gully Bop Burns Bridges?” In the video a producer from New York named Nikimo Palache claimed that he was the one that discovered Gully Bop and posted his video to YouTube.

According to Gully Bop the producer videoed him two years ago fixing a fan in Grants pen while singing “Dem Nuh Bad Like Me.” If you’ve followed the Gully Bop story you should be well aware that, that wasn’t the song that went viral on the internet. The song that went viral on Youtube was every “Gyal Want A Wuk Affa Mi.”


Check out Gully Bop’s response below and sound off in the comment field.



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