Is Current Management Ruining Gully Bops Career?

Are the antics around Jamaica’s newest super-star overshadowing his talent? Is he being recognized as a talented artist with a bright future or just a gimmick that you ride until it dies?


In the past, the trajectory of viral stardom has generally involved a spike of fame, followed by a plunge into near-total anonymity. We’ve seen it with Cliff Twang, Rosie and several other social media celebrities. Country Man however seems to be a different case, with the right leadership and guidance,  he has the potential to become one of the biggest stars Jamaica has ever seen. Social media gave him the break he was looking for, and over the past month we’ve seen a man that most people deemed a mad man, transform into a man filled with charisma, confidence and not to mention a true lyricist.

Yesterday  while in a meeting with some very influential people, the audio from the radio interview below surfaced.  An interesting discussion arose. “Is Country Man’s management ruining his career?” We all unanimously agreed that he is in a situation that does absolutely nothing for his career, namely “Miss Chin”. We pondered the question at length as to how AND why some folks make it into “management” when clearly their lack of skills in managing others is completely off the mark.

Management has to prep the client for interviews… Do not tell him what to say during the interview. In the audio below the artist admitted on international radio that he was singing his sexually explicit song to six and seven year old kids. That in itself is a big mistake.

I am not saying Miss Chin’s intentions aren’t pure, but her lack of education, experience and just basic common sense will cause Country man to fall as fast as he rose. I’ve reviewed the input of the people on social media that propelled him to stardom and they all believe that she is doing more damage than good. Below is a list of the mistakes I believe his management team is making…

  • His Name (Gully Bop) – Any association with Gaza or Gully is a negative thing. Recent history has shown that anyone affiliated with the Gaza or Gully is usually rejected for a US visa.
  • Him Buss Already –  Social media made him the number one artist in Jamaica in 7 days. All the extra stuff is not necessary. He doesn’t need to diss anyone, or behave extra to get attention. His fan base is greater than most established artists.
  • Drop The Badness and Sell His Story – The reason his music went viral so fast was because of the situation he was in (people thought he was mad or homeless) and the talent he possessed. People love a feel good story. This is a perfect example of “From nothing to something”. This is how they need to sell him to the world.
  • Change The Management Team- Get a management team that has a vision and isn’t just concerned about making a quick buck or getting some fame.
  • Show a Little Humility – The people that that like and comment on the outrageous  videos you post are just looking for a laugh. Don’t let this get to your head. They’re not concerned about whether or not you are still around ten years from now. Remember that everyone that liked, shared, or commented on your video is responsible for building your career, they deserve your teams utmost respect.
  • Give Him His Own Identity – The Old Ninja man look can only get him to Sting, give him his own identity so he can become an inspirational artist. Sometimes when you are given an opportunity to excel, you should use it to help others.


His story is exceptional it’s very rare that we see the Caribbean community rally around someone and push them ahead, actually the only time I can remember was with Tessanne Chin. The entire Diaspora is rooting for you Country Man, be smart, align yourself with the right people, and you will  become someone that a lot of people aspire to be.


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4 Comments to Is Current Management Ruining Gully Bops Career?

  1. naomi says:

    I agree so much with this story.
    Since he got his recognition on social media i noticed he was trying to look ‘war’ with certain artist and it was uncalled for.
    Miss chin need fi go sidung n let a real manager handle de country mans business.

  2. dr b says:

    When i was in the biz way back when first 3 things i did was prepped artistes for radio and media interviews, booked them into a gym for some regular fitness training and weekly singing lessons with a company established in 1938. Going on the road is hard work and late night shows partying in smoky clubs can soon take their toll on voice and body. You have to protect and refine your tools. Even Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin still took lessons late in their careers. Controversy also should be steered away from. It sells singles but shortens yr career as yesterday s beef soon becomes old news. I would line bob up with some collaborations. Cut out the slackness as it is a short term thing only for the limited JA market. Nothing sells like truth and rights. Be a voice for the people not the devil on their shoulder. Remember young people are fickle and will forget as soon as they find a like replacement.

  3. bev says:

    gully bop my good word to u go easy and build your life dont make miss chin trick u ok even when she clean u up ok my bro dont make she eat u money out ok. my love to u peace

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