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Ever so often our society encounters  issues that  impacts a generation. Today I feel the need to address one of these issues which should be a matter of concern to everyone.
One of the problems we face as a society in Jamaica is the influences of certain music, and the public display of despicable behavior directed at our kids. The mere fact that there are artists that put out music with reckless abandonment for what their influence may cause on children saddens me.

I cry for the youths of today’s world especially Jamaica, because their purity and innocence is being taken away. A perfect example a teenage  girl’s  emotion is not developed to the point where they can rationalize truth from fiction when dealing with boys, love or the idea of it… A boy might think in order to be popular and gain friends he has to influence girls disrespect themselves and unethical things such as (dung inna yuh throat)….a girl at a tender age might think that she should disrespect herself to feel loved.  Kids are always willing to do whatever is necessary to fit in and if our entertainers tell them that it is okay to go out and have sex in public they will, no matter how degrading it truly is.
These actions cause our children to  lose much more than their childhood; they loose their self-esteem, their worth, and most of all it influences their future. Is this what we want for our children? Remember it has been estimated that as much as 80% of the learning a child does occurs through Music, School and Friends .
I do understand that it is the parent’s responsibility to raise a child, but the truth of the matter is that its almost impossible to do it. We are living in the era of social media and that plays a big part as well.  We are  all role models for the neighbors child. We have a moral compass to stay true and on track to our morals and ideals.

The pride and wholesomeness of Jamaica was not built on slackness, but with a ripe and vivid outlook on our future. We were always a strong culture filled with food, music, style, religion, and grace… but I think we have steered off course. If we continue on such path we are destined to meet an uncertain fate as a society…

I love music Buju, Beenie, Bounty, Sizzla, to name a few; I can tolerate some because music is art, an expression of one’s feelings,  insight and mind; but, some of the music of this day is pushing the envelope of social extinction. People, in order to attain greatness we need to be more responsible and have moral guidelines.

The majority of these artist are only in it for their own self relevance, and to put money in their pockets. They will do so  at any means necessary. We must not allow our children’s future to be lost for mere greed. We as Jamaicans must stand for something or loose everything.



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  1. Lorna says:

    You are 100% right, this society is irresponsible of their actions/words and have forgotten it take a village to raise a child and that they are apart of that village…The children are the future and if they dont to have a future of slackness they better play their part to raising responsible young adults/children… Hope & Pray…

  2. Prentice says:

    I am totally in agreement with your article. It seems to me that some of these artists, in an effort to be different go to the extreme in terms of lewd lyrics, to be different. They have an obligation to society, especially the youths to be role models. Some artist, Alkaline especially obviously does not think along those lines. I do hope he comes to his senses real soon, as Tommy Lee Sparta found out the hard way, when he started to aligned himself to the devil. The end result, he was losing money base on cancellations of shows. Once these artist start feeling the pinch in their pockets, we will see an improvement in the content of their lyrics. The bottom line is, we need more love in the dancehall, too much references to guns & under women frack….
    I am not going to downplay the fact that these entertainers are very influential, Mavado & Kartel showed that to us a few years ago…If the Radio personalities & selectors continue to support these songs, I guess there will always be a Home for it.
    2015 is going to bring a BIG change to music…CONSCIOUSNESS will rise…

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