Kreecha and Best friend Aji Fight at Whappins Thursday in Bling Dawg Feud One Person Stabbed

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At about 4:00 AM this morning Kreecha the creator of the Kreech  dance and his best friend Aji  got into a fight that created a stampede at Whappins Thursday. According to reports one person was stabbed.

According to sources the two stopped speaking to each other because there was a falling out between Kreecha and Bling Dawg. Ahi continued to work with Bling Dawg and Kreecha didn’t like that too much.  One witness stated that the fight started when Aji pointed a finger at Kreech and said he was a p**ssy hole.

Sean Paul, Bounty Killer, Harry Toddler, Pepe Goodison, Bermuda Squad and a host of other celebrities were present at the event. Everyone disappeared.

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 We became aware of the feud when an article titled “Kreecha refusing to work with Bling Dawg again.” was

published in the Star.
After collaborating on a smash hit single and dance titled Kreech, which dominated the airwaves both locally and internationally, dancer Kreecha is now refused to work with Bling Dawg. According to Kreecha, Bling Dawg is a miser who refuses to help him better his life.

Bling Dawg too mean. Him nuh gi whe nutten. Me nuh waan be round a man like dat. A bere $1,000 him waan gi me. Anyting you beg him, him never have dollar yet. Big Christmas come and gone and me nuh see a dollar from him. Me tell him say me want buy a bike and him say him would a put a likkle ting towards it, all now me nuh hear him say nutten else bout dat,” Breech told THE STAR.

Bling Dawg haven’t commented on the situation.

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The dancer-turned artiste said the highest sum he has received from Bling Dawg for the few shows they did was $40,000.

Bling Dawg nah get nuh whole heap a show like dat. The biggest show dem was Chug It and a next show in Arnett Gardens, when him give me a likkle money, me still haffi share it wid the other dancers. From me know myself a $40,000 is the most me ever get fi a show and me haffi share it up. What is $40,000? How me fi mind me yutes wid dat? Me all ask him fi $5,000 fi sort out mi passoprt and not even dat di man nuh help me wid.

Kreech believes that he was the one who resurrected Bling Dawg’s dying career and should be compensated accordingly.

“A me bring back Bling Dawg inna dancehall. Nobody never memba him like dat. A we bring him back and him nah do nutten fi we. If we go to a show, Bling Dawg not even waan drop we home, is like him want we walk go home. Not even the taxi fare the man nuh want give we. Him a miser. When me meet Bling Dawg, me not even did know him a who. Right now Bling Dawg a hold me back inna life. Bling Dawg go Trinidad recently and him not even carry me fi we promote the song.Him carry a next man weh him can send out. Him nuh rate me. Right now, people see me in the streets and a call me Bling Dawg cuz dem nuh know him. A me all mek him get fi go the awards show over the weekend,” Kreecha said.

The artiste, who is now being managed by Star$truck Records, is set to release a new single titled Glory, which is aimed at Bling Dawg.

This song is about getting the glory that we deserve. It’s a collaboration with me, Quick Cook and Esco. Bling Dawg a try tek my glory, him a try tek Esco glory because a Esco write and produced the song. Him a try tek Della Danger glory because a Della mek the link for the Kreech collab to be possible and him a try style Star$truck Records because a dem put it together.

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