Laing calls Alkaline “unimportant” to Sting…highlights Gully Bop & Ninja Man

The organizers of ‪‎Sting‬ have dismissed dancehall artiste ‪‎Alkaline‬ as ‘unimportant’ to  their 30 year running show, after the controversial deejay cancelled a scheduled performance at the popular Boxing Day stage show.

Isaiah Laing, CEO of Supreme Promotions, said the entertainer is using the show just to “look a hype”.

“All of this is just a stunt. Alkaline is not important and one artiste can’t mash up mi business. Alkaline a look a hype and me nah play that game cause him nah get no hype offa Sting and a dat him want,” Laing said.

Laing professed his disgust with the unprofessionalism that was exercised by Alkaline and his management team. No one notified him that Alkaline would not be performing; he found out in the media.

“This is just how the man operates, he has no regard for anybody. After we contacted him how long ago about the performance we now have to see it in the media that he has overseas engagements,” he said. “But him nuh affect the price of rice fi me, so me done talk,” he added


This is the second year Alkaline is disappointing his fans at Sting. Last year he did not perform because he arrived at the venue late.

Recently Laing has thrown his brand behind Dancehall’s newest sensation Gully Bop.  Clash veteran and Sting favorite Ninjaman is expected to grace the stage with Gully Bop, aka Countryman, aka  Kartel Daddy.

Kiprich who has stolen the show over the past few years seems to be on the back burner this year, even though he’s scheduled to have a re-match with Blak Rhyno.

Live Stream is available for all those who aren’t able to make it.


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