Michael Jah Mikes Larmond aim for Big Breakthrough

Michael Larmond also known as Jah Mikes is looking to make some serious noise in the music industry this year.

Born and Raised in Mandeville Jamica Music has been his mission, often speaking that witout music he is drained. He belives it is the driving Love of his life-This is a single from his upcomimg Ep Mixed Emotions.

Signed to Island Jams since 2016 he has seen a growth in his career, Michael Larmond is currently in Miami working on his Ep Mixed Emotions.

Bartender is a song for all the men who comes close, but fall short, based on the confusion of alcohol and fantasy. It reach nuff man enjoy

Michael larmond on Recording “I record so much at times I forget wich songs I have. It is important as an artist to get the ideas out your head as soon as possible”

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