New Face Time Riddim to stop Jamaica in its Tracks in 2015

There come a time in our lives when we have to go back to basics to figure out where are headed. This is how I would describe the new Face Time Riddim wich is buzzing in the streets and Radio dials of Jamaica right now. Its A original Dancehall riddim with a real breath of fresh Air.

Throughout the last 5 years we have seen the direction of Dancehall and its sounds take a different turn for the best or the worst that’s for you to decide, but the riddims started to sound more like a Afro RNB mix more than dancehall/reggae with a hint of Hip Hop.

Shabba Ranks, buju Banton, Mad cobra, bounty Killer, Beenie Man had succes on these type riddims, however beats like this one will shows up artist who lack real talent and depend on computer engineering to connect with the beat.
We stand out as a dominant Force in music because our accent and beats/riddms are so unique and distinctive. I once heard that dancehall music will change your heart rate/pulse. I’m not sure if its true or not, but we wanted to try to make a riddm that will make people skip a beat weather in there hearts or soul, with the hardest bass line we could find. I wish that more of Jamaica’s music would stay original as long as possible, because its in the best interest of Dance hall/reggae music.

The riddim features New Artist and foundations artist, Artist such as Sizzla with a original retro style ‘No talk’ Rags to riches artist teams up with Magnum king and queen Sim Sim 2 Bad with ‘Wine fi the bop’ also featuring The Black Man with the a hit song’Healing’ S-sense with the girl anthem ‘Like crab’ Jah Shawn a bit harder with mi Nuh Grow Soft, Iraya ‘Life’ with a get the inspiration song inna the Ghetto, And Mr, Peppa with envious song Dem Bad but Dem Badmind, ‘Guchie London sick a mi’

More Major Artist to be announced in the following weeks you can get these tunes on you tube by searching artist name or simply searching Facetime Riddim, Also available on iTunes, google paly.

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