Raine Seville Reps For Female Dancers

Raine Seville reps for female dancers

April 22, 2016
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Reggae/dancehall artiste Raine Seville has collaborated with popular dancers Chinn Unique, Swat Twinz, Stacey Xpression, Mad Michelle and Japanese Kiss Kiss for the visuals of her latest single, ‘Touch’.

Touch is featured on the Bruk It Off rhythm, and according to Raine, the single is an ode to female dancers.

“It’s another ladies anthem endorsing all sexy women and female dancers,” Seville explained. The singer told Dancers Paradise that dancing is an important element in dancehall’s culture. Therefore, she wanted to create a product that can stimulate dancing.

“Dancing is very important to entertainment because entertainment is art and dancing is a form of art. Through dancing, we can be better entertainers and it brings life to our art form. I have been inspired by a lot of entertainers like BeyoncE, Micheal Jackson and Prince. All these people incorporate dancing in their sets and seeing their energy onstage and their ability to fuse the singing with body movement is something that’s motivating. I also watch YouTube videos to improve dance skills and I also attend dance classes. When it comes to making good dancehall music, it is no coincidence that the word ‘dance’ is a part of the name of the genre,” she said.

The video for Touch was directed by popular video director Icey Jace. Raine Seville said she was very attentive during dance rehearsals because she wanted the video to reflect an authentic representation of Jamaican dancing.


“It took a lot of preparation and it was also fun. I also called the names of a lot of female dancers in the song because they are very talented and sometimes they are overlooked. I contacted each dancer and they sent me videos of themselves doing their thing. I also hooked up with some of them and they taught me some moves. We got in some practice prior to the filming of the video,” she said.

Touch has been receiving favourable airplay. As it relates to the video, Raine describes the final product as jaw-dropping.

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