Sean Paul cancels Maldives Concert Over Death threats

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NTERNATIONAL recording artiste Sean Paul has cancelled a New Year’s gig in the Maldives amid death threats.

The artiste issued a statement to the media yesterday.

“Unfortunately, the world has reached a point where cyber threats must affect real life decisions. With that said, due to safety concerns for my crew and the people of the Maldives attending the Tourist Arrival Countdown, it is with deep regret that I have come to the difficult decision to cancel my appearance,” Sean Paul’s statement read in part.

He also used the opportunity to thank the Government and people of the Maldives for their invitation.

Britain’s Independent newspaper reported the video message carries the logo of the Bilad Al Sham Media (BASM) group, an organisation which claims to comprise Maldivian jihadists based in Syria and the Maldives.

“Sean Paul, if you visit the Maldives, the world will see your burned and blood-drenched dead body,” said cards held by a cloaked figure in the video posted on YouTube last week.

A Twitter account allegedly belonging to BASM denied being behind the threat, revealing in a tweet: “We would clearly like to announce that our media have nothing to do with the Sean Paul death threatening video

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