Vybz Kartel’s Conviction Might Be Over-turned Due To Judicial Error

Did Vybz Kartel Get A Fair Trial?

Is this the break Vybz Kartel has been hoping for?

It has recently been disclosed that at least three members of the jury that convicted dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel had close relations with law enforcement agencies. It has been reported that two members of the jury worked for the Jamaica Defense Force and another was the wife of a high ranking police officer that worked at the courthouse during the trial.

One of the jurors who served in the Vybz Kartel murder trial admitted yesterday that he “works” with the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).

Dennis Brown made the admission in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court as he gave evidence in the corruption trial of Livingston Cain, the juror accused of trying to bribe his peers to return not guilty verdicts in the Kartel case.

Under the Jury Act, officers and non-commissioned officers as well as regular and reserve members of the JDF are barred from serving as jurors.

Vybz Kartel’s case toed the line of police mis-conduct. There were accusations of tampering with evidence, and evidence disappearing and re-appearing. If Vybz Kartel was found not guilty there would have been serious questions raised about the credibility and procedures of the law enforcement agencies that handled the case and the evidence. One can argue that declaring Vybz Kartel’s guilt would have been in the best  interest of these jurors based on their relations with those agencies.

Was Vybz Kartel’s defense team privy to this information when jurors were being selected? Is there  a detailed  questionnaire that is used to get information from potential jurors that would determine issues such as relationship to law enforcement, prior victims of crimes, occupation etc?

It is absolutely wrong that a juror served on this panel, who is married to a senior law enforcement officer. While she may have been impartial, one could also speculate that she could have been influenced by the one with whom she sleeps at nights and shares common interest. If the said inspector really worked crowd control at the  court during the trial, that scenario definitely portrays impropriety.

Justice must not only be done, it must also appear to be done. This case shows that there is structural weakness in the Jamaican justice system. In every civilized country including the United States this would have been grounds for a mis-trial.

Do you believe Vybz Kartel’s conviction should be over-turned?





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30 Comments to Vybz Kartel’s Conviction Might Be Over-turned Due To Judicial Error

  1. Imren says:

    Yess I think it should be overturned. 3 vybz kartel

  2. Keno says:

    Free Kartel…everybody deserve a second chance

    • Salz says:

      so are you saying everyone incarcerated should be freed, since everyone deserves a second chance.You are not defending Vybz kartel innocence, which means you think he committed the crime but he should get a second because he is vybz kartel

  3. Keno says:

    Guilty or not the judicial system is flawed and this is a glaring example of the inadequacies of it. To convict someone with all the improprieties that occurred is in itself a huge injustice. All the hype around the case yet no procedures were followed in a jury selection to prevent a conflict of interest from occurring. Free Kartel.

  4. Anderson says:

    He will be free by year end go and do good for the homeless in kingstown.then wider Jamaica……

  5. special says:

    It was a setup,free kartel u fk dirty sysem

  6. Free Zone says:

    This is a clear indication that the system setup Vybz Kartel

  7. Andy green says:

    Gaza till death.nuh CHANGE A CHANGE:-).

  8. Slushy says:

    free the man .. Look Weh them did do to Mandela

  9. odane says:

    Yes! He Vybz Laurel better known Adijah Palmer and his co-acused trial must be overturned and granted a fair trial.. Not one with ttrampered evidence and missing/reappearing of so called evidence.

  10. Tony says:

    yes charges should be drop and case needs to be thrown out cause if the tampered with the evidence how we know the retrial evidence is accurate. Free world boss

  11. don longmore says:

    What !!!! Congrats jamaica justice system shame on you…no way on earth was this conviction was without a shadow of doubt? ?

  12. Alicia brown says:

    Yes he should re trail yes if was America he would have to get another trial an some that tampered wi r having evidence will be go to jail Jamaica system need to updated the man deserve a second chance

  13. John brown says:

    The system need to clean up …..no comments on that Kartel business

  14. ike says:

    free kartel…GAZA FOR LIFE…NAH SWITCH

  15. the leader says:

    Gog is d Kipper kartel ya people need you and miss you

  16. Salz says:

    This is why Jamaica cannot be better corruption everywhere, no one knows the flaws of the system until someone with status get involved in the it. Because Vybz Kartel becomes a victim of the system all that is wrong with the system will surface, forgetting the possibility that he might be actually guilty of the crimes accused of. Numerous people are serving time behind bars for crime they didn’t commit because of flaws in the systems, who cares though. The fact is this evaluation of the judicial system is not to make it better but an attempt for Kartel to be freed. Ever so often there is some news on how unfair kartel trial was, its time to move on. No doubt Kartel is an extreme talented individual, and as contributed significantly to dancehall music. But i dont think the conviction should be overturned.

  17. pretty boo says:

    This case should be over turned since jurys should be random persons within a society not person attached to law reinforcing agencies because this can this leads to confusion in trail..

  18. santo says:

    #Free world Boss

  19. frass says:

    free up mi general cuz it was a corrupt trial..gi di man him freedom back………..

  20. Vian Simms says:

    Yes free up the bosss

  21. Sexy Moy says:

    At the end of it all. Even if three people was involved who should not be Jurors.. Majority still counts because six would still say he is guilty… 10 minus 4 equal 6 guilty plea.

  22. bignel says:

    Free world boss

  23. Bingi says:

    Suk u ma salz n sexy mo pussy unuh a 1 a dem to who deh fight again di man freedom bombohol if unuh du sumtin or not n police seh u is a convict n send u a prison n on di run u find out seh evidence n ting was tampered wit n on top of dat still doesnt get a fair trial bcuz bigga head planned against u …question to u 2 pussyholes unuh wouldnt want a turnover or a fair trial to be….

  24. tyrone says:

    dem fi let go the man see all of dem things ya
    The man have him family on him kids man na say him good in and out everyone have dem bad way
    Be for some people air about the man kill people
    .. let me ask u lot this fi the people dem way a fight the man
    Y are you people like this god na sleep fi some of you lot out there . Yo kartel just remember what ur mum use to tell u . Never u lost sit of god always remember there is a god keep ur face up tell god for give u for all the bad things u have dun to people for give u for all the bad things u have dun to god him self

  25. Angellee Ashman says:

    Yes ! The man need a fair trial and lower the man sentence , look how many other jamaican artists vomit murder / other crime and the police never make a example outa dem but them a use a well love entertainer as example ! That’s wrong uno give the man a fair trial and free I’m up ah the child molesters and rapists whe ah kill off the likkle pickny uno fi go fine an free up the man !

  26. myshon Taylor says:

    Him fe dead a prison fucking wicked.and to all unno unintelligent Jamaicans unno so stupid me want him come out and kill unno kids dem or family member

  27. kerryann says:

    Honestly it was a harsh one thier for vbz kartel and is co-accused, but from ever since he was convicted I know that very soon he will b free, and has for those bigger heads god will judge them. How ever if vbz kartel really do that crime he should b punish but not 75 years no if kartel can get such a hard one I think every one who killed shud get 75 years too,. Free kartel I love him and he deserved a retrial.

  28. Kevin hyce says:

    I think vybz Kartel should be free I’m not saying he is guilty are he is guilty I just honestly think he didn’t receive a fair trial and the evidence just wasn’t enough that lead to vybz Kartel conviction I think it is more of a personal vendetta against vybz Kartel than of a trial last but not least they should give vybz Kartel a retrial with a judge and jury from outside of Jamaica then everyone will see a the deference in this trial.

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