Floyd Mayweather Argues With A Jamaican Woman In Brixton, London

Floyd Mayweather was getting his hair cut in Brixton, South London when a Jamaican lady said out loud that she didn’t know who he was. Being the highest paid athlete in all sports, Money May was surprised and ended up in a little beef with the lady! The woman made reference to knowing Usain Bolt, which didn’t sit well with Mayweather. He asked the lady if she knows what Forbes magazine is, and the lady quickly responded the she does, she knows stars like Beyonce and Rihanna, but she simply just doessn’t know him.


Random stranger: I don’t know you, so what’s the big deal?

Floyd Mayweather: You got television?

Mayweather would not accept that this woman simply didn’t know him.

RS: I know about Mike Tyson…. I like big fights, I like exciting fights. He’s not big at all!

FM: *stunned*

Mayweather then [pretended?] not to know who Usain Bolt is.

RS: I know Usain Bolt

FM: Who?

RS: The runner

Usain Bolt saw the video and took to twitter and said this:

The conversation ended with Mayweather telling the woman that he earns $100 million dollars in 60 minutes.

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