I’ll agree, Jordan is a better player than Kobe…. But Kobe is a worthy competitor to michael’s game. I believe one on one it would’ve been extremely close. Kobe is THAT talented. Everyone loves to point to the numbers and yes, Michael’s resume is more accomplished than KB’s. But people fail to remember that Kobe was drafted out of High School and as an 18 year old he barely saw the light of day his rookie season.
Not because he wasn’t talented but because his coach, at the time, didn’t want to step on any of the veteran player’s ego. The next two seasons Kobe was coming off the bench (eventually winning sixth man of the year….as a 19 year old). Kobe was always instructed and coached to curb his game a bit in order to let Shaq do his thing, The Lakers were not “Kobe’s team” until well into the 2000’s. Something that burned his ego Because he was just nipping at the bit hoping to show the world what he’s really capable of.

He and Shaq didn’t have the best relationship because he saw Shaq as someone that (although they were dominating in a team perspective) was limiting his individual game. At that, he sometimes questioned why it was “Shaq’s team” when Shaq was running around in the off season getting fat and out of shape and working on this investments or endorsement and not working on his game. By the time, Shaq reported to camp he was fat and flabby and it burned kobe felt like he should be the number one option and the team would be better as well as his resume. But the coaches and the league felt that a dominant Center was more effective and they went that route. They won….. But Kobe didn’t really become a number one option until Shaq left for Miami.

Micheal Jordan, however, had the luxury, of being drafted by a lottery team and a team was “his’ from day one. It was no question his team. And it took a while for the team to become good…..and eventually dominant. But MJ was always the number one option! He never played with a dominant force like Shaq. In the playoffs and eventually, in the finals Micheal Jordan was free to let the world know what he could do. He was never asked to curb his game for the betterment of the team like Kobe was. So when it comes to MVPs and finals MVPs and stuff like that its irrelevant…… Kobe, had Shaq not been there could have easily won more of those. If you want to compare shooting percentages or defensive skills…..OK. Those numbers clearly point to MJ. But MJ never played with a Shaq or he wasn’t drafted by a winning franchise that was already making the playoffs.
Yes Michael has the better resume and is a probably a better because of his shooting percentages and defensive skills. But the overall difference in their individual game is A LOT CLOSER THAN MOST WANT TO ADMIT.
by Harry Peralta Ney york new york.

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