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Barack Obama Spotted on N.Y.C. Sidewalk Today- Greeted by Loud Cheers

Barack Obama was spoted in N.Y.C. Sidewalk today Former President Barack Obama has (very briefly) returned to the public eye in N.Y.C. on Friday, exiting a building on Fifth Avenue and entering his car before driving away. But not without a hearty reception. A large crowd had gathered — and they welcomed him to the Big Apple with open arms (and loud cheers.) He wore no tie, and left his shirt unbuttoned at the top. He also carried a cupRead More …

Understanding the new Immigration rules


On November 20, President Obama announced a laundry list of actions he is taking to improve the U.S. immigration system. The policies range from helping high-tech employees and entrepreneurs to setting deportation priorities in the immigration courts. The policies that will likely have the broadest impact are the “Deferred Action” programs, which may help over four million families. Here’s the thumbnail sketch. What is Deferred Action? Have you ever been pulled over for speeding but walked away without a ticket? Even though the officer could have givenRead More …

Good News For Immigrants…President Obama unveils executive actions to spare illegal immigrants from deportation


Undocumented parents who have lived in the U.S. for more than five years, have no criminal history, pass a background check and have a child with legal status can receive three-year work permits with temporary assurance they won’t be deported. WASHINGTON — President Obama announced extensive executive actions Thursday to spare nearly 5 million U.S. immigrants from deportation — making his case on sweeping moral grounds in a stirring appeal to the American character. “Are we a nation that acceptsRead More …