Claims Record label drops Gully Bop

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Gully Bop Releases new song dissing Claims Record


A few days ago the Star reported that Gully Bop was dropped by his management team Claims Record. In an interview Gully Bop told Island Jams that “Claims Record can’t drop me, afta dem neva sign mi.” He said, “All dem get outa mi was a 45.” The witty DJ went to the studio and retaliated in a song. The new song featured rap artist Imari. Check it out below! Bonus Track ——Views (7719)

Claims Record label drops Gully Bop


Internet sensation and recording Artist Gully Bop will now have to find a new management team as he was recently dropped by Claims Records. Gully Bop has become a bit too hype and disrespectful, According to a representative from the record label. “Claims Records done wid Gully Bop. We done wid everything. Him a diss everybody whe start him ting. Him a diss the people from the community. Right now Grant’s Pen nuh inna him. Him dis Boom Boom andRead More …