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Gully Bop & Miss Chin Onstage Interview

Gully Bop and Miss Chin addresses all the rumors and speculations that are circulating on social media. Check out the full Onstage interview below ——Views (4047)

Gully Bop’s Son Speaks Out About Ms. Chin, His Dad and Claims Record

Gold digger, opportunist, career killer and groupie are some of the words being used on social media to describe Shauna Chin, the woman behind Dancehall and social media’s newest sensation Gully Bop. A lot of people including myself are very passionate about Gully Bop. We feel like we built him, and we are ready to defend him from whoever we think can impede his progress. Unfortunately in the eyes of many the enemy is Shauna Chin. In my case, I thoughtRead More …

Veteran dancehall artist comes to Gully Bops defense

Look how long wi a lock dancehall and some little fool a flop dancehall, now Gully Bop come and a pack dancehall, bring the fun inna di ting and him a rock dancehall Nuff people a chat but dem nuh have no substance, a di fun from Gully Bop di people dem want. Those were the words of veteran dancehall artist Delly Ranx. In a recently released song to youtube  Delly came to the defense of internet sensation Gully Bop. He saidRead More …

Gully Bop and manager Shauna Chin accuses Ninja Man of drugging and ruining Gully Bops career in the 90’s

Gully Bop and his management team accuses dancehall legend Ninja Man of giving Gully Bop crack-cocaine in the  199o’s which resulted in the end of his career. While performing at a stage show in Montego Bay St.James over the weekend, Gully Bop told fans that back in the 1990’s when he was an aspiring DJ with the likes of Ninja Man, the dancehall veteran fed him with crack cocaine and ruined his  career. He said that Ninja Man was jealousRead More …

Gully Bop offered new teeth by international dentist

Gully Bop receives a generous offer from two established New York Dentist. According to a story in the Jamaica Gleaner two New York based dentist has made a generous offer to Gully Bop. Dr Dwight Williams and Dr Kerisa Harriott (born in Jamaica) are offering their services free of charge to ensure that dancehall’s newest sensation Gully Bop has a brighter smile. Dr Dwight Williams is a member of the New York State Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery andRead More …

Gully Bop, My God Dem Nuh Bad Like Mi [Official Video] Alkaline Diss

Here is a look at Gully Bops first official music video. It’s a video for his latest single “My God Dem Nuh Bad Like Me,” that’s mashing up the airwaves in Jamaica. Give your feedback in the comment field. ——Views (1492)

Ninja Man is furious about Gully Bop calling him out…sends a message to Laing [video]

Ninja Man recently sat down with Winfred Williams Onstage. He expressed his disgust with the fact that he is not getting the recognition for his extensive tenure in the dancehall business. He says Laing and the entire Supreme Promotions team is very disrespectful. If he hears one more mention of Gully Bop being on stage with him, he’ll be a no-show at Sting.   Check out the full show below ——Views (36818)

Gully Bop speaks about his newly found fame, helping others, love and how people respond to him now. [video]

“I feel like a butterfly!” Gully Bop said in this interview with Jamaica Live TV.”A butterfly is a caterpillar before it gets his wings. I’m finally able to fly.” A lot of people worked very hard to give gully Bop his wings. We wish him all the success in the world. Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream ——Views (3016)

Gully Bop Live Onstage Interview Dec 13, 2014

Gully Bop was featured live OnStage Tonight. Check out his interview and performance below. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller Gully Bop Interview & Performance ——Views (5764)

Gully Bop says someone pretended to be him and dissed Boom Boom in radio interview.

In this new video Gully Bop standing next to Selector Boom Boom stated that he wasn’t the one dissing Boom Boom in the radio interview. He claims that they just took his picture and had someone speak like him. He also said that Boom Boom is his blood relative. Gully bop received a backlash from fans on social media because of that interview. Check out the video below. Click Here to Listen to Radio Interview ——Views (385)