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Will Sting Stay? Isaiah Laing Speaks On The State Of Sting

Marred by violent disorder Sting 2014 had it’s challenges but was still able to deliver on two of it’s core functions…ISAIAH LAING the events founder responds to claims that Sting is now dead.  Check out Gully Bop and Miss Chin’s Interview by clicking here.       ——Views (4870)

Ninja Man: Laing all a Jamaica’s top artist BAN you, yuh affi guh furda dan di gully fi find artist for Sting… inna di toilet. [video]

Ninja Man shows his fans why Gully Bop can’t share a stage with him Even though Ninja Man was reported sick and hospitalized yesterday, he still managed to appear at GT Taylor’s Annual Christmas Extravaganza. He told his fans that the reason he had to be  there is because of the respect he has for GT Taylor and his inability to disappoint his fans. Immediately after commending GT Taylor, he went on to blast Isaiah Laing for disrespecting him. HeRead More …