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Gage responds to Sizzla’s recent remarks about his lyrics

In a recent interview with Gibbo, Gage responded to Sizzla’s recent remarks about the content of his lyrics. He said it is Sizzla’s responsibility to teach consciousness to the people because of the path he’s taken as an artist and he respects him for that… However he believes that dancehall consist of many audiences and he will not change his lyrics because he believes that there is an audience that appreciates that type of music. As far as kids listening toRead More …

Alkaline Speaks out about Sting, Tommy Lee, Gage & Gully Bop

In his recent OnStage interview Alkaline said he is not in the same class as Gage and Tommy Lee. He also said right now they are trying to engage him in a clash, but now is not the time for that. He is focused on building his career. ——Views (4587)


This Article is not meant to cause harm nor stress on anyone in particular, it is the view of one of our authors and in no way represents Island Jams Entertainment…we try to stay neutral. Ever so often our society encounters  issues that  impacts a generation. Today I feel the need to address one of these issues which should be a matter of concern to everyone. One of the problems we face as a society in Jamaica is the influences ofRead More …

Attention!!!!!!!! Jamaica has a new voice Listen….

Attention!!!!!!!! Jamaica has a new voice.  Gucci London Terror Raining, Take a listen to this track by Gucci London, and look out for the video to his new hit single Jiggle Up Yuh Body coming soon. 2014 ——Views (371)

Dancehall star Gage drop a new single “Anaconda” remix.

Dancehall star Gage drop a new single “Anaconda.” Over the past 2 years we have seen the emergence of acts like Alkaline now Gage with really Graphic sexual music, is it good for Dancehall music? Listen to his new track I will say it is catchy…. Down in a yo, down in a yo, down in a yo throat gyal Stop the noise meck mi come in a yo throat gyal A the walking gun in a yo throat gyalRead More …