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Gully Bop Gets US Visa

Rags to Riches star Robert Lee Malcolm aka Gully Bop,  took another big step in his career today by securing a United States visa. Gully Bop went to the embassy this morning at 6:45 AM and walked out at 8:40 AM with the good news. The process was delayed last week due to a glitch in the embassy computer system. The US leg of the Rags to Riches tour  is scheduled to start in New York on July 17th, 2015 atRead More …

Gully Bop Responds To New York Producer’s Ungrateful Remarks And X6 Allegations

Last week there was a story published on another website along with a youtube video that was titled “Gully Bop Burns Bridges?” In the video a producer from New York named Nikimo Palache claimed that he was the one that discovered Gully Bop and posted his video to YouTube. According to Gully Bop the producer videoed him two years ago fixing a fan in Grants pen while singing “Dem Nuh Bad Like Me.” If you’ve followed the Gully Bop story youRead More …

Meet Gully Bop’s Mother And Brother…[video]

Very often on interviews we hear Gully Bop speak of his mother. Thanks to Boom TV we can now put a face to the name. Meet Miss Norma Blake, the lady Gully Bop wants to walk up many flights of stairs. Miss Blake said she’s lived in the Grants Pen area for over 40 years. Also meet Gully Bop’s older brother Gully Jangles. ——Views (4441)

Gully Bop New Song Sleep Around [Preview]

Gully Bop started the new year proving to fans that he is here to stay. Check out a preview of his new song Sleep around that is scheduled to drop this week.     ——Views (7909)