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Brand New Gully Bop Ft. M-Gee – Life Sweet [Fren Dem Riddim] January 2015 Listen Now

Dance hall Artist gully bop Drops a new single Ft. M-Gee – Life Sweet [Fren Dem Riddim] January 2015 Also check out the Bonus Track with Artist Gucci London, Bonus Also a Dub from Gully bop aka country man in the early 1990s bellow Bonus Track Artist Gucci London is on our watch list for 2015, Listen Track bellow very talented Here it is for all who want to hear what Gully bop aka country man sound like in theRead More …

Veteran dancehall artist comes to Gully Bops defense

Look how long wi a lock dancehall and some little fool a flop dancehall, now Gully Bop come and a pack dancehall, bring the fun inna di ting and him a rock dancehall Nuff people a chat but dem nuh have no substance, a di fun from Gully Bop di people dem want. Those were the words of veteran dancehall artist Delly Ranx. In a recently released song to youtube  Delly came to the defense of internet sensation Gully Bop. He saidRead More …

Gully Bop, My God Dem Nuh Bad Like Mi [Official Video] Alkaline Diss

Here is a look at Gully Bops first official music video. It’s a video for his latest single “My God Dem Nuh Bad Like Me,” that’s mashing up the airwaves in Jamaica. Give your feedback in the comment field. ——Views (1492)

Gully Bop speaks about his newly found fame, helping others, love and how people respond to him now. [video]

“I feel like a butterfly!” Gully Bop said in this interview with Jamaica Live TV.”A butterfly is a caterpillar before it gets his wings. I’m finally able to fly.” A lot of people worked very hard to give gully Bop his wings. We wish him all the success in the world. Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream ——Views (3016)

Alkaline backs out of Sting 2014 is he Afraid…Or is that a good move for his career?

The Management team of Dancehall DJ Alkaline released a statement recently stating that he will not be at Sting this year. According to the press release he has other engagements overseas. Alkaline recently received his visa to travel to the United States and has been booked for several shows in cities like New York, Atlanta, and Miami.  He has also teamed up with “We The Bes”t recording artist Mavado for quite a few shows. Critics seems to think that this isRead More …

Gully Bop Live Onstage Interview Dec 13, 2014

Gully Bop was featured live OnStage Tonight. Check out his interview and performance below. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller Gully Bop Interview & Performance ——Views (5764)

Daddy Vybz aka kartel Daddy [Gully Bop] aka Country Man, “Dem Nuh Bad Like Me” December 2014

Here is a new song by DanceHalls hottest artist Daddy Vybz aka Kartel Daddy Aka Gully Bop, Brand New 2014. Also Look out for Dusk till Dawn March 21, 2015. Atlanta Ga. ——Views (119)