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Gully Bop Feeds The Homeless, Urges Other Entertainers To Do The Same

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Over the past 6 months Gully Bop has been one of the most popular entertainers in Jamaica. His story has captured the hearts of many people, both local and abroad. We’ve gotten to know love and admire the story of  this charismatic lyricist that now serves as  an inspiration to all those who have a dream; through his rags to riches and love story. A lot of people however doesn’t know that Gully Bop has been transforming lives and giving back toRead More …

Gully Bop Responds To War Professa and Mash Up His First UK Stop


Over the past few days there has been a lot of back and fort between War Professa and Shauna Chin, Gully Bop’s Fiance’/Manager .  War Professa pointed out that the outfit that Gully Bop wore when he left the island to go on tour was not a real brand. In his opinion war professor stated that Gully Bop is now a star and making money, so he should be wearing expensive clothes. On the contrary Gully Bop believes that itRead More …

Gully Bop Responds To New York Producer’s Ungrateful Remarks And X6 Allegations


Last week there was a story published on another website along with a youtube video that was titled “Gully Bop Burns Bridges?” In the video a producer from New York named Nikimo Palache claimed that he was the one that discovered Gully Bop and posted his video to YouTube. According to Gully Bop the producer videoed him two years ago fixing a fan in Grants pen while singing “Dem Nuh Bad Like Me.” If you’ve followed the Gully Bop story youRead More …