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36 Hours In Jamaica

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Sun, sand and sea: a timeless recipe, readily available throughout the Caribbean. But sun, sand, sea — and city? Visit Jamaica to indulge in that one. Sure, the resplendent island has a range of resort areas where one can merrily get one’s beach-bum on. But it’s also got Kingston, a woefully underrated, misunderstood metropolis. Yes, there are slums and there is crime. But there is also cosmopolitan culture, pulsating night life, a booming local music scene and a host ofRead More …



I grew up in Portland Jamaica where fishing and farming was the way of life for many people. Mr Jones owned the banana walk from St Thomas to Portland. My Grandfather was a fisherman who would regularly be out at sea for days.  My grandmother did embroidery and seaming. Where did all  the farmers, and fisherman go? Where is the conventional way of life? Is this a deliberate take over of foreign influences to modernize a country? The problem with that ideaRead More …