Sting 2014 Live Stream

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Ninja Man: Laing all a Jamaica’s top artist BAN you, yuh affi guh furda dan di gully fi find artist for Sting… inna di toilet. [video]

Ninja Man shows his fans why Gully Bop can’t share a stage with him Even though Ninja Man was reported sick and hospitalized yesterday, he still managed to appear at GT Taylor’s Annual Christmas Extravaganza. He told his fans that the reason he had to be  there is because of the respect he has for GT Taylor and his inability to disappoint his fans. Immediately after commending GT Taylor, he went on to blast Isaiah Laing for disrespecting him. HeRead More …

Ninja Man is furious about Gully Bop calling him out…sends a message to Laing [video]

Ninja Man recently sat down with Winfred Williams Onstage. He expressed his disgust with the fact that he is not getting the recognition for his extensive tenure in the dancehall business. He says Laing and the entire Supreme Promotions team is very disrespectful. If he hears one more mention of Gully Bop being on stage with him, he’ll be a no-show at Sting.   Check out the full show below ——Views (36818)


IN A RECENT PRESS CONFERENCE FOR THE 2014 STAGING OF STING AN EXCITED LAING DETAILED THE CLASHES THAT HAVE TAKEN PLAE OVER THE YEARS.   In the video Kiprich also gave a teaser of what’s going to happen at Sting this year. he said last year Blak Rhyno caught him off guard and resulted in a loss for him, but this year he’ll be well prepared. Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream ——Views (117)