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Sting 2014 Live Stream. Do remember to look out for Dusk till Dawn 2014 in Atlanta Ga March 21, The Biggest indoor Dance hall Concert youtube Dusk till Dawn Atlanta for video from Last year Show. Audio Live Audio Stream Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream Ustream.Tv     Check back soon We are trying to get you a better stream before the main acts start ——Views (5764)

Ninja Man quits Sting amid threats, and controversy surrounding Gully Bop

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Ninja Man recently withdrew from the popular one night Reggae concert Sting, which he has built his career around. According to the Jamaica Observer Ninja Man stated:  I’m no longer affiliated with Sting… I’m not on the show ‘cause violence is not my style, war is not my style, disrespect is not my style. Mi deh a studio yesterday and a bag a Grants Pen man come fi gang me and mi jus’ jump inna mi car and drive awayRead More …

Capelton and Ninja Man lights up Onstage [video]

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Two of dancehall’s greatest shared the stage on OnStage this past Saturday. They’re living proof that hard work and commitment to your trade is what makes successful people. You don’t need a gimmick to succeed in dancehall. ——Views (1010)

Laing calls Alkaline “unimportant” to Sting…highlights Gully Bop & Ninja Man

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The organizers of ‪‎Sting‬ have dismissed dancehall artiste ‪‎Alkaline‬ as ‘unimportant’ to  their 30 year running show, after the controversial deejay cancelled a scheduled performance at the popular Boxing Day stage show. Isaiah Laing, CEO of Supreme Promotions, said the entertainer is using the show just to “look a hype”. “All of this is just a stunt. Alkaline is not important and one artiste can’t mash up mi business. Alkaline a look a hype and me nah play that game cause him nah getRead More …

Capelton Performing Live…Sting Preview

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Capelton  was a guest on Irie Fm’s “What’s The Scoop” He showcased his hits, and showed fans what to look forward to at Sting 2014. Check out the full video below. Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream ——Views (294)

Alkaline backs out of Sting 2014 is he Afraid…Or is that a good move for his career?


The Management team of Dancehall DJ Alkaline released a statement recently stating that he will not be at Sting this year. According to the press release he has other engagements overseas. Alkaline recently received his visa to travel to the United States and has been booked for several shows in cities like New York, Atlanta, and Miami.  He has also teamed up with “We The Bes”t recording artist Mavado for quite a few shows. Critics seems to think that this isRead More …

Gully Bop says someone pretended to be him and dissed Boom Boom in radio interview.

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In this new video Gully Bop standing next to Selector Boom Boom stated that he wasn’t the one dissing Boom Boom in the radio interview. He claims that they just took his picture and had someone speak like him. He also said that Boom Boom is his blood relative. Gully bop received a backlash from fans on social media because of that interview. Check out the video below. Click Here to Listen to Radio Interview ——Views (385)